Saturday 9 May 2015

‘Do make a wish this weekend’

‘Do make a wish this weekend’
Quote of the day
‘A wish is request that needs to be made from time to time to see changes in your lifetime. Don’t hesitate to make an earnest wish for wishes do come true, for they exist as dormant and aspiring demands that come alive when you so desire it.’

Making a wish loosens the soil in your mind and creates new seeds of hope to encourage you along your long journey of a lifetime. Please don’t misunderstand me. I always asked you to enjoy your life and to live onto 100 years of age. However we do meet adversities along our journey that can shorten our lifespan or create unforeseen calamities that we once thought could never happen to us. So, by wishing constantly is like lighting a candle in the uncertainty of tomorrow. Examples of wishes are as follows, your wishes maybe different. Whatever they are keep them alive by constantly repeating your wishes on a daily basis.

I wish that poverty could be eradicated from the surface of the Earth, we have the technology but lack the proper ethology to perform it. I wish that we could remain friends forever, bonding in words and corresponding with friendship. I wish that I could be a millionaire at heart before attempting to become a millionaire in pocket. I wish that I could live onto 100 years of age with laughter by my side and joy in my mind. I wish that I could bond in friendship with every human being and form a chain of never-ending love. I wish to donate my organs in the unlikely event of my demise to someone that needs it to live on and share in the splendour of life. I wish I could visit every corner of the world, learning as I tread the surface of wonder and earning friends as I cross from continent to continent. I wish that there was no discrimination at the forefront of our existence. I wish that people will learn to control their moods and control their foods in the way that I have done so in the last 21 years. I wish that one day I could meet you in person knowing that I was able to inspire you to overcome your dilemmas. I wish that we could give the angels a day off each month for constantly harbouring our souls and protecting our physical bodies. I wish to learn a new language and when I mastered that language I would like to move onto the next language. At the moment I speak 5 languages. I wish that my goals would materialise in exactly the way I imagined them to be, however I must be grateful for what I have too. I wish that I could open a Bakery for baking is my pride and joy. I wish that you would be able to find your rainbow of fortune, it may differ to mine but we must always remember that each rainbow is still made up of the same colours. I wish that I could fly like a bird above the clouds and look below to see the vastness of life and to look above the clouds and see the expansibility of life. I wish that my weekend will be a fine one, filled with joy, with happiness and with the spirit of relaxing.

Dear Friends, please keep your wishes alive and to your chest. Wake up to the sound, feel and colour of your wishes. All wishes differ from one person to another but the rainbow of hope, joy and immense laughter is the same for us all.

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