Saturday 9 May 2015


Quote of the day
‘Gracefulness defines your qualities, establishes your resume, builds friendship and calms the tension along the way. Gracefulness is something you need to cultivate but once activated will captivate your audience in all spheres of life.’

Life is so blissful when you are free from harm, enemies or bad news. Regretfully destruction, adversaries and evil is out there hovering above you like dandelions waiting to latch onto your day inhibiting your good intentions and tampering with the harmony of your life. To overcome this you need to cultivate Gracefulness. It is easy to be poised, dignified and refined but it is often hard to maintain it. Associating with people of all levels is something you cannot avoid. We all need to share common footpaths, roads and enclosures therefore our association with people must be a thorough affair. You need to painstakingly turn a blind eye, methodically avoid a confrontation and meticulously retain your composure. People will always remember you for the mistakes that you made but will never remember your takes in life. Gracefulness actually formulates your mannerism to sparkle the interest in people, to make them feel safe and secure when they see you. Today I want to tell you quite openly that without gracefulness you will become inelegant lacking the sparkle to impress your fellow human being. Which would you prefer? Would you like to be characterised by your unsophistication, your unstylishness or your vulgarity or would you prefer to be remembered by all for your poise, dignity, politeness and refine qualities? It is hard to maintain a perfect profile when you tread a frontier of imperfections made up of sullen people, arrogant people and greedy people. Which would you rather prefer? Would you continue showing by example dressed in a fashion of gracefulness or would you prefer to maintain the same arrogance that makes people apprehensive and afraid of you? I love people irrespective of their moods. I love to interact with people because they are part of my life. Without the population at large my life will be lonely, difficult and alienated. Therefore I live to create friends and live to eliminate enemies. To create genuine friends I need to be gracious. I need to be dressed with elegance, uttered with kindness, mingled with loveliness, walked with poise and dazzled with charm. Dear Friends, today I want to tell you openly that you cannot create a genuine friend if you do not have an ounce of graciousness in you. A person can tell if they are safe and sound in the presence of someone else. Gracefulness characterises this exceptionally well. Start tomorrow by cultivating gracefulness and maintain it throughout your day at all costs.

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