Sunday 3 May 2015

King Manum of Karuona

King Manum of Karuona
Quote of the day
‘Whether you are a King or a disciple you still hold the key to your personal success. If you act with callousness than you face the consequences of your actions. If you exercise sensitivity to all living organisms then you shall be King of your domain.’
There was stillness in the air as if life came to a halt in the Kingdom of Karuona. King Manum, the ancient ruler of Karuona was seated in a lotus pose as he always does before making decisions about governing his people. He realised that it was the end of an epoch but the beginning of a new era. He was about to be ostracised, banished into the wilderness that many feared to thread. King Manum looked anxiously at the stars as he browsed the ancient scripts that kept the secrets of the past and prophesied the future. It was as if  written in the stars that the time would come for the end of his rule on the frontiers of the eastern terrain of Kabunectha. Like King Manum of Karuona so the legend depicts all manifestations in life are carefully recorded. All forms of life in all eras are recorded, their results tabulated and the inference given consideration. This is how galaxies are formed and this is how galaxies come to an end. Every cycle of life has a beginning and an end. Every species of life has a purpose and this purpose is utilised as per nature's requirements. Human Beings like King Manum rank high in the species of living things. They are the controllers and managers of the soil and all the inhabitants, old and new and those yet to come two by two. Human Beings like King Manum have become somewhat deluded by power over the years and deployed a cynical role of selfishness instead, hoarding treasure in a cove that is temporary and drifted away from their nominal role. The light that traversed across space following the Big Bang keeps a record of ALL human activities including yours. It is like a modulated radio wave, carrying and varying each day according to ones actions. You cannot hide from this and neither can you erase it. You see you like King Manum are the script writers of your intent and as you act the role that you portray you will eventually be judged for that. They say that the Day of Judgement will be upon the face of the Earth, but what are we being judged for? You see it is quite simple, you are being judged for the good or bad that you have done from the start to the end. Ideally, all humans should live to 100 years on planet Earth exercising their role according to their decree. Every second that passes you is a second of information recorded about you and your actions? What we see in this world or other worlds that we traverse each life cycle is what we have done based on our intent. Let us just assess your intent in the last minute or right this minute. Was your intent good or was it bad? No matter what you do whether good or bad will have an impact on others around you past and present. If you acted selfishly there is a rhythmic flow of your intent to others around you, beyond you, above you and below you. Just by being selfish you hurt others in the process. You may be aware of it or you maybe unconscious of it. Did King Manum serve his people selfishly or unselfishly? Any action that you perform whether good or bad will result in a chain reaction affecting other people, including the flora and fauna around you. Chop down a tree and you create a rift of disparagement, vilification and denigration to the very souls that watch helplessly. Just by the action of your hand you destroy a living organism, the giver of oxygen and shelter to a multitude of dependants. Every human being dead or alive is accountable for his or her actions. You may well think that you got away with it but you cannot for the modulated wave carries your script and your resultant actions with it and this is reviewed after each cycle that you traversed across. To make amends is to act unselfishly right away, not a second later. Just try it for a day, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain! See how the impact of doing well really is. When you identify your present circumstances do you often ponder on why it all went wrong for you? You are a human being on planet Earth that has an equal opportunity to a happy and contented life. The Universe is opulent and will cater for all of you. But why does it go wrong every time, every year or every decade. I think that it goes wrong because we allow others to interfere with our script of intent. We become influenced by others or circumstances and we therefore drift away from our real goals in life. To reach a stable and more contented life we need to establish what we want to do unselfishly in life and therefore become the scriptwriters of our own intent. King Manum, the mythical King acted selfishly and therefore met his consequences. You are the actor on the stage of life and therefore you should enact your life according to your script of intent, correctly. In doing so you shall be able to catch a falling star, climb the tallest peak, learn to speak in various languages, become a culinary expert, tally the figures both horizontally or vertically, plant a seedling, harvest the crop, watch them grow, reap the harvest, till the soil, swim across the channel or drift across the skies. All this becomes possible because unlike King Manum you decided to act unselfishly. Start today, keep a memo by your side, and write down whatever comes to mind that needs your attention or correction. Review this draft proposal and then commit to a final memo. This memo is actually a preamble of what becomes of tomorrow. If you are unselfish you are guaranteed to become the Master of your domain. 

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