Tuesday, 12 May 2015

‘Ironing out the creases’

‘Ironing out the creases’
Quote of the day
‘Life is full of surprises despite a rigorous approach to our agenda. Sometimes we return home with crinkles and wrinkles. Today I want to tell you it is time to iron out those creases and slowly pick up the pieces.’

Dear Friends, I always say keeping trying. History will always show a place in time where man and woman has tried desperately hard to overcome the hurdles they faced on a daily basis. History will also record the gallant attempts made by man and woman for showing others what is right and what is wrong. I say onto you and verily too, you got to keep on trying each day. Don’t let the crinkles and wrinkles of the day surpass your gallantry. You must iron them out before the start of a new day. You must remember the many that paved the way into righteousness, sacrificed their lives and endured sufferings. These lessons are priceless and from these lessons comes tomorrow’s new impressions. You see, Dear Friends you are in the driver’s seat, driving your life into a destination known and possibly unknown. If the road of your daily journey meanders than steer to the left or to the right to avoid the kerb. If there is a pothole slow down. If there is a tailgater behind you pull to one side when it is safe to do so. If there is a stop sign ahead of you be prepared to stop well in advance. Don’t rush into your day by hitting the kerb constantly, driving over potholes, agitating tailgaters and jumping the red lights. These distractions stresses you and makes you come home with new wrinkles and crinkles. You need to memorise the distractions in your life and live with the anticipation of possibilities and impossibilities that might come your way tomorrow. You need to be steadfast as I have always stated in the past. You need to climb a mountain step by step with harness and rope intact. You need to iron out any problems of yesterday so that you could avoid them today. You need to realise a mistake and look to correct it, rather than live in denial. You need to be aware of mood changes in people and keep your distance and avoid any form of resistance. You are indeed the driver of your life. Your body like the car needs attention all the time. Don’t put pressure on your joints, these are vital points in your anatomy that need care and attention at all times. Don’t put pressure on your organs, listen to them for they speak in a language that is clear but often ignored. Listen to your liver and deliver only good foods to them. Listen to your heart and start by being smart. Listen to your lungs and inhale plumes of goodness rather than fumes of badness. Listen to your kidneys and stopping kidding with them and give them plenty of water. Start today with memories of yesterday. Watch out for those horrid hurdles that people put in your way, just steer your rudder to avoid the nasty shudder. Do this for you and watch how you shall calm the sea of uncertainty and tame the wild horse that will eventually gallop with you into the foothills of success.

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