Monday 25 May 2015



Quote of the day

‘Prayers should be daily affair, to help make you aware, to help you to compare, to help you not to swear, to give you the strength to take care and to learn to share and remain fair.’

Today actually reflects a typical day in my life that may help shape your life. I follow a stringent set of rules that work and I believe in following basic fundamental rules to help me make my day and my life a successful one. This helps me to be aware, it helps me to compare, it helps me to not swear and it helps me to gain the strength needed to care, share and remain fair. The following rules are rules that I abide by on a daily basis. The results that I get after a long and tedious day is typical of a meritocratic goal setter, one that strives to be successful
  • I start my day with a prayer for I know well that a prayer is my principal request to Almighty GOD in helping me to stray away from the talons of temptation.
  • I plan menus for the day in advance and eat at regulated times, and I eat moderately and considerately.
  • My working agenda for the day is written well in advance, in a prescription based on my abilities and capabilities. This agenda governs my day and I follow it with the strictness that it deserves.
  • During the day I fill the sandwich of my activities in an altruistic fashion, exercising a humane role and in a pace that is not offensive to anyone else.
  • As a humane being I value my relationship with every other human being that lives on our planet. Therefore I extend love rather than hate and embrace someone with affection rather than contention.
  • Education is important to me and therefore I need to learn to understand, learn to earn and learn to overcome adversities in my day and in my life.
  • I have a physical body that constitutes my action plan and therefore I need to maintain my body at all times. Based on my desire I need to engage in physical activities throughout the day to enhance my well-being.
  • I must acknowledge that all living organisms are part of the whole scheme of living on planet Earth therefore I must offer a helping hand to those that need it. I must be gentle to the earthworm that veered in the wrong direction or to the elderly that struggle to make ends meet.
  • I must remain vigilant at all times because the converse of prayers is temptation. Temptation lures you to your ultimate demise in an attractive way. I must always remember that what I see in front of me is not necessarily what I want.
  • I need to think ahead, about tomorrow, about the years ahead and about eternity. This helps me create new goals and makes my life more adventurous.
  • Finally, I conclude my day in a prayer consisting solely of gratitude. I offer gratitude with sincerity to Almighty GOD for assisting me in my day and to grant me my request as set out in my early morning prayer

Dear Friends all of the above started with a prayer in the morning and ended solemnly with gratitude in the evening. I feel part of the chemistry of life and I am pleased to say that I am so glad to be employed in a vast employment bureau called The Universe, the faculty of GOD’s workshop. Follow the above rules with passion and desire and see how your life will change for the better.

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