Monday 11 May 2015


Quote of the day
‘What is important must be treated with importance.’
Bonus Quote
Importance Makes People Orderly, Responsible, Thorough And Neutral Continually, Every day.’

Did you ask yourself, were you orderly, responsible, thorough and neutral last week and if you were did you have an accomplished and fulfilled week? If not, then why not start from today and see whether this working week will be accomplished and fulfilled. Let us first define accomplished and fulfilled as I use these words quite often. Accomplish means to complete all your tasks for your working week in an unselfish manner and to act professionally in doing so giving it your 100% attendance and contribution. Fulfilment is to carry out your work according to your working agenda and to avoid procrastination at all costs. In order words you don’t wander off doing something else that was not written in your working agenda. Every day off your working life is important. You are unique and what you create is unique and differs immensely from the next person. An accomplished and fulfilled working week is the most important part of your working life. Do it well and you will be rewarded immensely. To achieve this in the best possible way you need to be orderly, responsible, thorough and Neutral. Let us see why. An orderly person is one that is methodical taking each aspect of their daily tasks and dividing them into working modules. A typical day of a typical meritocratic goal setter may have as much as ten modules per day to fulfil and accomplish. A responsible person is one that takes full control of their situation in a given day, adhering to Time and Money Management. They are in charge of their affairs and take full responsibility if anything went wrong. A thorough person is one that uses a fine comb if necessary to undertake tasks irrespective of their vocation. If they deliver they ensure it is on time. If they cater they ensure that it is of the highest standard. If they provide a service they only deliver the best not wavering in standard, not quivering in quality and not riddled in price. Finally a neutral person is one that does not waste time on unnecessary issues that can stall their day. They avoid confrontation, hostility, anger and excuses. Has your working week being unaccomplished and unfulfilled? Is it not time for you to polish up on certain areas of your life to achieve a better standard. If you are important then surely your customers, friends and families are equally important.

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