Friday 1 May 2015

Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts
Quote of the day
‘Life is made up of dos and don’ts. Success in life is about conforming to the right decisions. These decisions ultimately define how you perform henceforth.’

Doing the right things in life is usually harder than doing the wrong things in life. You know when you have done wrong because you usually feel a sense of dismay. When you do things right you always feel right. Today I want to highlight a series of dos and don’ts to assist you when you are making constant decisions in your life. Every decision you make in life is prompted by a vision. These envisions are normally incited in you through the power of temptation such as advertisements and catchphrases. I want you to make the right decision in life from buying a loaf of bread to the possible ultimate indulgence, a Rolls Royce. Decisions must be your own, thought of with thoroughness and sieved through the archives of research. Don’t be hasty, take your time. It is your life and therefore you are responsible for it.

Don’t get mad over the sad affairs of the world, be glad that you are here to make significant changes. Don’t overeat when you know well what to eat and how much to eat. Don’t lust when you are actually designed to love. Don’t sign on the dotted line before actually reading above the dotted line. Don’t create enemies when friends are a lot easier to cope with. Don’t live in conflict for conflict inflicts serious wounds. Don’t confront or be blunt for that matter when you meet someone. Don’t commit adultery, fornication or even masturbation. Don’t remain idle or become suicidal, look for an idol that will turn your life around. Don’t live by intimidation, fall into a bout of negation or resort to aggravation. Don’t live by discrimination when you know well that it is often better to live by differentiation.  Don’t criticise another human being, don’t exercise arrogance over their demeanour or publicise rumours about them. Don’t wander the streets without a cause or wander the streets with discourse. Don’t live to hate or constantly berate someone for no reason at all. Don’t accelerate unnecessarily. Don’t exercise the concepts of ugliness, loneliness, enviousness and unfriendliness. Don’t litter or be bitter. Don’t fight with all you’re might and carry it through the night. Don’t waste or haste for you are not in a race. Don’t borrow for you usually end up feeling sorrow.

Do exercise love from dawn to dusk. Do start your day with a prayer and end it harmoniously with gratitude. Do create friends and put an end to enemies. Do exercise regularly and eat moderately and considerately. Do well in whatever faculty you choose to enter into. Do love the diversity of nature from the flora to the fauna. Do recycle and consider getting on your bicycle more often. Do decelerate from time to time. Do the right things in life to ensure that nothing will go wrong. Do love your neighbour and know them by their names. Do greet each other at home, on the streets and at work every single day. Do smile for a smile makes you go the extra mile. Do donate to those that need your help and accommodate those that you can help. Do maintain cleanliness at all times and exercise friendliness every time. Do enjoy your life every second of the day and appreciate your wife eternally. Do love thy Heavenly Father with all your heart and with all your strength. Do keep the weeds at bay and exercise good deeds every day. Do plant a seed of hope whenever there is a need to cope. Do promise to be gay every single day to avoid the onslaught of being dismay. Do say sorry rather than worry. Do eat healthy to remain wealthy. Do listen when you are spoken to. Do learn to speak so that you will always be heard. Do run for a mile and have fun with a noted smile. Do marry for the right reasons rather than remarry for the wrong reasons. Do what you think is right rather than do what you know is wrong. Do learn to earn, do learn to avoid being stern and do learn to do a good turn. Do show signs of appreciation rather than distinct lines of depreciation. Do keep yourself in good shape and escape from the foods and idleness that keeps you out of shape. Do love to live and live to love. Do learn to save rather than work like a slave. Do learn to be brave, behave and to avoid the close shave.

Dos and Don’ts play a pivotal role in how your life shall pan out. I say onto you and verily too do what you feel is unselfish and don’t do what is selfish. Have a great weekend.

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