Friday 29 May 2015

Big things starts from little things

Big things starts from little things

Quote of the day
‘It takes time for anything to manifest, what you need is patience to reap the harvest, to rake in your fortune and to live your life to the fullest. All great things start from a simple thought process and then the grand period of growth follows.’

Dear Friends like a river that starts at its source and meanders through miles of rugged terrain you need to start at the very beginning with a concept, an idea, a goal and a passion to make changes for the new month ahead. If followed diligently without too much of a hiccup you will see a magnificent blossom at the end of June, guaranteed. If you need to lose weight then with a bit of patience you shall shed a few pounds or kilos in 30 days. Little things do manifest into bigger things, it is a known and scientific fact. Gestation takes time and varies from species to species. At the source of fertilisation is an idea, a concept, a vision and a passion. At the mouth or after the gestation period is a new life to cherish and nurture. Financial Independence takes time too. Many great and wealthy individuals have started from humble beginnings and will openly tell you it takes time and a consistent effort. Like a river that meets new obstacles along it long and treacherous journey, you too will face obstacles of varying magnitudes. I wrote this article to inspire you to believe in yourself and to highlight the fact that nothing is impossible. It is all about simple thought processes that actually slowly manifests into the harvest of your choice, if you are passionate about it. If you think like a tycoon, you shall be one in a given time. Think big and you shall be big. Everything that is big from fortune hunting to marriage or having children all start from a simple thought process. You don’t become rich overnight or have children the next day, you need to plan. You need to configure before you can deliver. Configuring is about taking tiny pieces or ideas and amalgamating them into larger pieces to create a final picture of success and victory. This picture is what you need to deliver at a timeframe to suit you. This is a picture that a month ago was just an idea. This is a picture that creates a collage of more pictures to come into the months ahead and at the end of the year you could have a photo collection of your success. You just have to be patient. You must be as gentle as the first droplet of water that trickled its way into an ocean of opportunities. The world is opulent but you need to be patient to enjoy a piece of it. Start small and then grow big. Big things starts from little things!

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