Friday 22 May 2015



Quote of the day
Embracement Maintains Better Relationships Across Communities. Embracement Means Extreme Nestle & Trust.’

The word embracement is often ignored because we tend to forget the value of another human being unless we need their services or product. The world is teeming with industrious individuals working hard each day to make the world a better place for you and me. There are so many faculties of employment in the vast bureau of employment. Employment is changing all the time and technology creates new employment vacancies and dissolves older needs and requisites. Gone are the days of the centurion or the TV Technician and in comes the Digital Technician and the much needed Humanitarian. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we are solely dependent on each other. Therefore we need to appreciate the value of every human being and offer a form of gratitude. Embracement is an effective and trustworthy way of doing just that. We need to appreciate the janitor, the maintenance crew, the doctor, the sculptor, the author, the actor, the daughter, the shopper, the lawyer, the commuter, the barrister, the passenger, the editor, the traveller, the manager, the preacher, the bachelor, the chancellor, the auditor, the chiropractor, the conductor, the narrator, the orator,  the visitor, the tutor, the realtor, the proprietor, the pastor, the navigator, the adjudicator, the aviator, the director, the competitor, the co-editor, the decorator, the contractor, the consolidator, the monitor, the elector, the illustrator, the inventor, the manufacturer, the laminator, the motivator, the operator, the juror, the vaccinator, the volunteer, the victor, the operator, the orchestrator and the infinite amount of people that make the world a better place to live in. Dear Friends it is so important to acknowledge another human being not just when you use their services or products but as a whole. Every human being is part of a chain of friends around the world that if combined can brush away evil in an instance. I want you to practice EMBRACEMENT using the next 48 hours. I want you to start embracing people at home, to greet them with love and to embrace them with confidence. I want you to show your love like never before and to make everyone realise how important they really are. To embrace someone with sincerity is to hold their hands in friendship, to hug them with love and to cuddle them with assurance. A firm handshake shows that you are genuine, refine and trustworthy. A hug embraced in warmth and kindness displays your love like never before. A cuddle is comfort like a soft eiderdown and a memory pillow. Embrace everyone. A handshake will do, a hug will bring a smile to someone and a cuddle will remove any source of muddle that may exist in the word that we see each day. Take a written prescription of EMBRACEMENT and use it effectively to improve your values and to values of another human being. Show love and you will get love in return. 

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