Friday 15 May 2015

‘An Article a day keeps Temptation away’

‘An Article a day keeps Temptation  away’
Quote of the day
‘Constant support is what is actually needed to keep you in tip top condition, free from viruses and bugs, free from phishers and fraudsters, free from freezing and disconnection and free from malware and spyware. These particles of distraction must be swept away.’

An article a day certainly helps me to keep temptation away. Like a PC that is constantly under threat from would be and malicious individuals I need constant protection from the talons of Temptation. Dear Friends, we are here for a reason and that reason is simple. We are here to serve our Heavenly Father as sole custodians of the living world. We are human designed to love. To love the world from all corners of The Creation. To love the animals that work laboriously each day to make the soil nutritional enough for us to live and propagate.  To love the flora not just for their beauty and diversity but for their significance. To love each other and to work harmoniously to perform our duties to the best of our abilities. To work a 5 day shift and to relax in splendour and grandeur over the weekends. This ideal setting was GOD’s plan until the devil intervened, recruiting people to assist him to achieve the converse of goodness and that is so evident in the world today, badness. Dear Friends, The world paints a very sombre picture, the converse of GOD’s plan. Today I want to tell you quite frankly that we need to constantly persevere.  We need to hold the torch so that others can see right from wrong. What is right will always be right, what is wrong will always remain wrong. We have the power to change and make right choices. This is quite hard when temptation appears right in front of your very eyes in different speckles of colour, odour, shapes and sizes. These particles of Distraction must be avoided. It is hard, I know that well. Therefore each day I write an article pertinent to what is important not just for me or you but for all. From these articles which I refer to from time to time are my strength to overcome my weaknesses. Today I want you to make a habit of reading an article a day especially the ones pertinent to your needs and grasp the inspiration behind it to overcome temptation. It is hard because temptation gives you immediate satisfaction but regretfully and openly does not last for long. GOD’s word is what you need to latch onto. GOD’s word gives you an eternal life, a worthy existence and a desire to live with happiness and joy 24/7. This is the open choice for me or you, to either serve the devil or to serve our Heavenly Father. We cannot serve both!

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