Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Images to impress

Images to impress
Quote of the day
‘What you create is what you relate. What you see is what others see in you. Create images to impress rather than create images to depress.’

Dear Friends it is so important to maintain an image that is likeable, lovable, acceptable, notable and reasonable. To be liked by another human being promotes your desire and passion to become part of the human race, to serve and to be responsible.  To be loved is to exercise an equal amount of love to someone else, the more love you give the more love you get in return. To be acceptable in the faculty of your given field promotes your sense of need and presence. It makes you feel important, dependable and congenial. A notable person is one that is outstanding in appearance, eloquent in conversation and majestic in leadership. To be reasonable is a quality in a person that is lingering. It shows that you are wise and logical in any given situation. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls your image is your persona. Your image delivers your character tone and your portfolio throne. When people see you they need to feel secure, safe and sound. People need to know that you are genuine and unselfish. Your image lasts for a lifetime. If you are nice you will be twice as successful. If you are polite you will reach the height of your success with ease. If you are happy you will be less snappy in your decisions. If you are thoughtful people will always be grateful to you. If you are careful you will always be less fearful of others. If you show appreciation you will avoid aggravation. If you are gentle you will certainly be less accidental. If you are sincere everyone will revere you. If you are clean it is very likely that you will not be mean and obscene. If you are on time you will always climb the ladder of success with perfect chime. Dear Friends you need to pay attention to your image as much as you pay attention to other people’s images. As much as you get inspired you need to inspire as well. You need to clear the path for others to follow. You need to share your success in the same way you got it. You need to care for all and not just for a handful. You need to focus on living by giving and more importantly you need to be forgiving. What you get in life is what you have already given. It is easier to forgive than to forget. To is easier to forgive if someone has already forgiven you. This is the image you need to carry with you 24/7, 365 days a year for the duration of your life. You cannot blemish your character for any reason whatsoever. It takes a second to scar your portfolio but a lifetime to improve on it.

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