Thursday, 21 May 2015


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‘Education is not for Glorification but rather for the processes of Edification.
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EDUCATION stands for: Education Does Unite Communities Across The International Odyssey of Nations.’

Many people confuse the word EDUCATION and normally link education with Glorification. Glorification is normally about bank balances and how quick can we accelerate our income to achieve a greater bank balance. I do know well how important money is and how it can increase your lifestyle. Money however is the pallbearer of ALL evil and therefore can worsen your lifestyle and reduce your longevity. Dear Friends we need EDUCATION for Edification rather than Glorification. Edification is about improving our understanding of the significance of life and the sole purpose of our lives. Education teaches us to love, to unite and to be less hostile. Education opens the corridors of confusion and fills them with satisfactory conclusions. Education unites communities across the International Odyssey of Nations. Nations today across the surface of the Earth commune through multimedia, they commute by sea, land and air and they engage in commerce through import and export. Education forms a medium of identity, need and purpose. Education creates new words for new inventions and new words to extend our dimensions. Words like bytes in the computing world, permadeath in the gaming world, arancini in foods and ICL in acronyms are all new words to engage communities. Although we are separated by borders, water, airspace, conflict and barbed wire, education dissolves this by uniting communities. The bottom line is that we need each other. Education teaches us to love one and another. Education creates harmony, understanding and cohesion. Education is common-sense. Education explores the unknown to create a possible theory, an inference or a result. Education looks at our resources, our pollution levels, our waste and our bitterness. Education is about awareness. Education is about fairness. Education is about goodness. Education is about greatness. Education is about forgiveness. Dear friends, you cannot shake the hand of a friend without learning about friendship first. Dear Friends you must be prepared to give in or order to receive. Education is about sharing ideas, proposals and beliefs. Always hold the placard of love in your hand when you are ready to meet someone. This is the first and practical law of Education. The second law is to put down the placard of hate when convening or contravening or even when intervening. The Third law to education is to care, to share and to remain fair. There are more laws but for the purposes of this article these three laws are vital and necessary to unite man with man, man with woman and man with GOD.

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