Thursday 28 May 2015

Attraction equals Satisfaction

Attraction equals Satisfaction

Quote of the day
‘Attract goodness into your heart and you shall open a vault of total satisfaction. Attract badness into your heart and you shall open a vault of dissatisfaction.’

Your life is a gift from GOD. It has a value and it has a purpose. Therefore I urge you to create the prefect niche in your life so that every day that passes you shall be one of goodness. What is goodness and why should it be so important to you. Goodness is like the heavens above, depicted in a cosmos of untainted skies, so blue and so divine. Goodness is about the firmament that moves across space and time creating new life and removing unwanted life. Goodness is about the precision of the Universe as huge colossal bodies move majestically across space without colliding. Goodness is about the paradises and how good it feels to be part of it, to be immersed in pureness and to be associated with divineness. Goodness is blissfulness in every pixel of your imagination. Goodness is cloud nine, divine and so refine. Goodness is about love and to exercise this portrayal of love to someone else. Goodness is the epitome of The Creation. Goodness is an attraction that brings about constant satisfaction. For you my dear Friends without goodness your day shall always be marred with dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction will make you have sleepless nights tarnished with confused dreams. Dissatisfaction will always make you worry about the past 24 hours. Did you do well? Did you say the right thing? Did you make the right decision? Did you complete your daily agenda? Satisfaction is about the joy to live and perform your duties as per your daily agenda. Satisfaction is about liking what you do and to perform whatever you do to the best of your ability. Satisfaction about mutual agreements in decision making, to address indifferences and to amend what appears inappropriate and unsatisfactory. Satisfaction brings contentment, daily and for the rest of your life. Satisfaction is about enjoying your day, to enjoy your meals, your social life, your work and your commute. Satisfaction is about fulfilment and accomplishment by the end of the week. Satisfaction brings happiness when there is no happiness. Satisfaction comes at the price of a smile. Satisfaction is approval from the heavens above. Satisfaction is about having pride in what you do. To maintain a steady level of satisfaction you need to attract goodness around you and steer clear of badness. You need to look ahead and gauge what may become of the next second. Should I be attracted to go forward or shall I deviate and go the other way. Goodness is about keeping a level head, to avoid listening to gossip and to overlook malice when it comes your way. Goodness is about remaining calm, serene and peaceful in your utterance, in your substance and in your differences. Always remember to attract goodness into your heart and you shall open a vault of total satisfaction.

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