Tuesday 5 May 2015

‘There is no need to dismay in May 2015.’

‘There is no need to dismay in May 2015.’
Quote of the day
‘The livery of your day is made up of your intentions to create a successful day. Dress in the attire of success and you shall be successful. Wear the insignia of triumph and you shall walk the streets triumphantly.’

Dear Friends, it is easy for someone to tell you to be positive when it is hard to ignore the huge debts you face, the problems that you encounter domestically or at work and the possibility of becoming ill with either a chronic or acute ailment. What happens if a car stalls and refuses to start again? Would you discard it and get another one or would you seek expert advice and rectify or remedy the situation? It is your decision, what will you do? Problems will always come your way like the wind in Summer, drought in Winter, snow in the southern hemisphere or tornadoes in the desert. Life is full of surprises because we have become poor custodians of the living world. Our Heavenly Father has given us the sole responsibility to look after our planet but we instead look after our pockets, filling it with greed, exceeding our needs, misleading the masses and conceding to temptation. Just by changing the permutation to our day, altering it in small amounts can make a vast difference to our entire lives. You got to get up and wear the attire that fits your needs. You have to become saddled to the right horse and gallop into the foothills of knowledge each day with the zest to become wise, matured and successful. You cannot wear the wrong shoes for the wrong occasion. You have to step into the right shoes with the right attitude day in and day out. You have to walk along your daily route with a planned agenda, paving the way for others to follow and clearing the way for others to pass. To overcome hefty debts you need to divide them down into smaller amounts and slowly reduce them over a period of time. Always add to your piggy bank rather than break the bank. If you feel ill, then decide whether you need the prescribed pill to assist you in your recovery. If you have a huge bill than don’t stand still but create the will to reduce it or eliminate it. Don’t live in remorse, go to the source of your trouble on the double and create a new course of action. Don’t live in remorse for another month and carry your troubles into June. You are just digging a deeper rut to crawl into. Live with the anticipation to succeed. Success will always come your way if you dress in the right attire to receive it. 

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