Wednesday 13 May 2015

‘A World of Adventure’

‘A World of Adventure’
Quote of the day
‘Life is an Adventure starting at the crack of dawn and ending at dusk. It is a journey that keeps getting better every day. Life is about Excitement, Quest and Exploration.’

Dear Friends, it is so wonderful to know that life is so gratifying and adventurous. As we make our way into a world of adventure we are actually untrained explorers waiting to discover, waiting to uncover and waiting to recover. Each aspect of our daily duties makes us discover new things, a simple snippet here or there and suddenly we are culinary giants or artistic marvels. A lot of our daily adventures also come about by chance such as new words, new friends, new ideas and new concepts as we uncover like archaeologists things that we see, objects that we pass and people that we stumble upon. In our daily adventures we are also recovering by making progress, learning right from wrong, getting better in what we do and more importantly in how we feel. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I cannot express in words how wonderful it is to be alive, to experience the rhythm of the day in the eloquence of The Creation both by The Master’s Hand and by the capture of man’s imagination. As we step into the wonders of Creation experiencing life on a daily basis we should return home each day with an epic story to tell at the dinner table. Our experiences should entice other people to explore the world we live in. Summer is not too far away here in good old London Town and as the tulips create the symphony of colour along St. James Park and the tourists flock in like explorers from another world, let the adventure begin and never end. Yes, Dear Friends be proud to be alive and to share in the magic of life. If you have problem let it surface so that help can dilute or dissolve it. Don’t hide it under your garment and pretend that your life is an adventure. Any problems that you have must be resolved. Don’t dismay in May 2015. Make a visionary approach to your future. Watch for the setting of the Sun and marvel over the colours that embrace the horizon. What you see is what you are pre-empted to build on. Colour gives you valour. Beauty gives you a sense of duty. New words make you heard. A smile makes you go the extra mile. Adventures leads to a mixture of culture, an appearance of different sculptures, an availability of various scriptures, a picture of floriculture, a matrix of modern features and capture of world architecture. Leave home from today as a modern day explorer identifying new concepts from old ideas and use it to make your life as wonderful as life itself. Do have an adventurous day and an adventurous life.

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