Thursday, 7 May 2015


Quote of the day
‘Welcome to SED Day here in the UK. It is time to create your Selection, then make an Election and finally determine which Direction you will head in the next 5 years.’

I call today SED Day or Sedimentation Day because we are like particles travelling in time, in this instance five years and depending who comes into power will lay us to rest either still in debt, unemployed, ill or stranded in the usual way. The rich will get richer and poorer will remain poor. However I believe you can change this dramatically by making your own Selection, Election and Direction. Today I want you to select exactly what you would like to do in the next five years. Write it down, don’t be afraid. It is a pact between you and Almighty GOD. GOD can see how determined you are. GOD knows your needs. Now elect the one out of the many things that you wrote down as your priority selections in life. This is now your direction, to take five years and transform the kaleidoscope of your career into magic and colour. It will work for you no matter what you chose to do because you are placing reliance on yourself and in GOD and not in man that is capable of letting you down in an instance. I must stress that you are responsible for your life and therefore you need to place reliance on your own merits and the support of our Heavenly Father rather than in man who will always let you down. Start today by making the right selection for you and then power this manoeuvre with an election placing a big X onto the most appealing change you would like to make in the next five years. Wake up tomorrow and head in the right direction to accomplish and fulfil your goal. Every second that passes you from day 1 must be invested in your goals. You must work diligently on your goals. You must constantly think of them because you are in control. Don’t forget use SED day to get started. S for Selection, E for Election and D for Direction!

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