Sunday 31 May 2015

It pays to lend a HELPING hand.

It pays to lend a HELPING hand.

Quote of the day
Helping Every Living Person Induces Newer Goals in your life, because a goal a day makes an incredible difference to the world as a whole.’

Thank you for finding the time to read this important article today, written at 09:49am on rather a cold and wet Sunday morning here in good old London Town. I call it important because to HELP someone spontaneously without expecting any rewards is one of the most simplest and endearing humane achievements. However to offer assistance means that you must have a certain amount of finesse. You cannot possibly pull over on a busy road to help someone that is stranded if you do not have any skills to repair a motor vehicle. However you can stop if it is safe to do so to offer the use of your mobile phone to phone for assistance or to just communicate to someone that feels isolated and desolated, especially on a cold and wet day like today. Skills comes from experiences. We can only do so much and when the going gets tough we need expert assistance. Simple twigs and branches from your neighbour’s yard can be cut, pruned or removed but it is the bigger trees that will need the assistance of an arborist. Dear Friends, as we say farewell to May 2015 at the end of our day, June will appear over the horizon tomorrow waiting to accept us for what we are. Can we steer our intent into 30 days of a new month with a bit of positivity and the spontaneous desire and passion to help another human being? HELP is always needed across the oceans, under the vastness of the seas, into the continents of varying cultures, into the battlegrounds that man has created, into the streets of poverty, into homes where abuse is common, into the classroom where children have gone astray and into the natural disaster zones that has devastated so many families and individuals. What can we give without seeking rewards? What can we share from our table to offer alms to those that go to bed without a meal? What can we donate liberally without gaining popularity? This should formulate the structure of your agenda for the month of June 2015 were HELPING another human being should be on your to-do-list. How we do it is not important. What is important is that we do not forget to do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it is important to offer help when help is needed. Helping every living person in the world should be your prime motivation. It creates new goals and establishes better relationships. A goal a day certainly makes the world a better place to live in. 7 billion goals of varying magnitudes per day is certainly a powerful antidote to overcome the ramifications of human greed that spreads like a virus throughout the surface of the Earth.

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