Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sundays are for rest, to find the best in you and to take the ultimate test.

Sundays are for rest, to find the best in you and to take the ultimate test.
Quote of the day
‘Sundays are indeed a day to rest, a day to find out the best in you and to take the ultimate test. It is a test that will decipher the outcome of tomorrow and the next four days.’

Dear friends it is quite important to realise the value of your Sunday, to exercise this day as your day of rest and to relax in the comfort of true companionship, friendship or kinship. It is a time to experience the serenity of family togetherness and to reminisce about the good old days where achievements were saluted with compliments and special moments were endorsed with announcements. These were the good old days that if remembered brings out the best in you, unleashing the power to build better confidence in your judgement and to make tomorrows better than yesterdays.  Conversing about the good old days with friends, families or your spouse actually invigorates you to do better and to take the new working week ahead of you to the next level of fulfilment and accomplishment. We must stop thinking about bad memories that crippled our stature, wrecked our finances or ruined our health. We need to think big in order to eliminate smaller unimportant issues that can actually make Mondays dull and dreary. We need to effectively say to ourselves bygones must be bygones. We must forget bitter memories that stall our progress and lessen our chances of having a good working week ahead of us. By doing this we build confidence in us rather than uncertainty in how we shall spend our time on Earth. By establishing the best in us in the various faculties of our existence we now need to face the ultimate test, how do we face tomorrow? How do we make tomorrows better than yesterdays? How do we walk with confidence and talk with certainty? Every hurdle in life seems to become more and more difficult to deal with. To an athlete the first hurdle is always the easiest, but as he or she runs further down the track the hurdles become higher and higher. Having the confidence built through rigorous years of training and support helps them to cross each hurdle. Likewise thinking of your better moments in life gives you the edge in how you deal with tomorrows. I always remember my Mum for her daily deeds. She left behind a legacy of good deeds for us all to follow. Her legacy always inspired me to be better, to become more methodical, to plan ahead and to walk the surface of the Earth with confidence and the will to endure and tolerate.  I always use my Sundays to plan for tomorrow and for the working week ahead of me. I always spend my day wondering and pondering. I never wander aimlessly and squander foolishly. Generally speaking my working weeks are always fulfilling and accomplished. I want you to work towards this. I want you to have similar levels of fulfilments and accomplishments. It really does make an incredible difference to my life. I am generally less stressed, I feel younger and I have confidence in everything that I say, do or think.

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