Tuesday 26 May 2015

A Day in your Life

A Day in your Life

Quote of the day
 ‘Every curtain that opens for you is a personal performance merited by the ones that watch it. Today is a day in your life. Will your performance be applauded by those that watch, observe and criticise you?’

As we watch over others little do we realise that we are also been observed, criticised, analysed and assessed by an audience of 7 billion. What makes a man or a woman great is how they perform their daily tasks in front of an audience of over 7 billion people. Once we depart from the comfort of our domain we are exposed to criticism, activism, cynicism or even romanticism. We are now actors in a world of actors performing our roles selfishly or unselfishly. A Meritocratic Goal Setter of which you are identifies their role in a world teeming with individuals of varying roles. They then aim to perform such a role unselfishly. Today you maybe a student, tomorrow you may become an employee or an employer, the next day you may become married, in a few years’ time you will become a parent and later on a grandparent. Our roles are constantly changing by identification but we still remain actors in front of an audience of 7 billion people. Success in life is about leaving behind a legacy of good deeds for others to follow. Success in life is to perform your role according to your decree to the best of your ability. You need to exercise Patience, Endurance and Tolerance. Do you remember when we spoke about the acronym PET in an earlier article? You need to be a PET. Patience is about Self-Control, to administer your moods in the presence of an audience that watches over you. Endurance is your fortitude over the aggression you may face over the criticism and cynicism that will always come your way. Tolerance is about not being narrow-minded in front of an audience that stares at you from dawn to dusk. A Day in your Life is a repetition of daily roles assigned to you, written by you and enacted by yourself. When your front door opens the curtain to your daily performance begins. Although you do not expect an applause by the end of your shift you certainly do not want the rotten apples that come with it. Dear Friends, always remember that once you open your front door you actually opening the curtain to your overall performance. You are interacting amongst a population of over 7 billion people. Interaction between people delivers one of two things, attraction or distraction. Attraction makes you full of charm, appealing and desirable. Distraction creates confusion, a source of annoyance and a sense of trouble. If you are not ready to act your role then perhaps you should not open your front door. Plan ahead, envisage tomorrow based on today’s performance. Become a critic of your own performance and look at your weaknesses and your strengths. Decide on how you can improve your day. Polish your act, don’t live to criticise someone but live to analyse yourself.

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