Sunday, 24 May 2015

Righteousness is next to Godliness

Righteousness is next to Godliness
Quote of the day

‘To exercise righteousness on a daily basis illustrates that you have goodness in your heart, happiness in your home, cleanliness around you and within you and devoutness at the forefront of your day.’

Life is so wonderful for me that I sometimes wonder if I did take my life by suicide some twenty years ago I would have missed these incredible spectacles of joy and happiness that I so clearly see today. My life is a miracle because GOD has given me a second chance. GOD spoke to me and GOD does speak to you too. GOD spoke to me about my dilemma and give me the strength to renew my life and start all over again. From HIS words I wrote The Modern Day Trilogy that formed the blueprint to the rest of my life. I needed to develop the concept of righteousness over the last twenty years. I realised it was not an overnight process and I am happy to say openly that I am now indeed a righteous person. The lessons I learnt over the last two decades was simple. In order to be righteous you needed to have goodness in your heart, happiness in your home, cleanliness around you and within you and devoutness at the forefront of your day. Now this is not a one off achievement but rather a progressive learning stage that requires a full commitment from me, you, him, her or the entire population. You cannot say you are good when you feel like it, you need to be good all the time. In other words you need goodness in your heart. Your heart is an ocean of secret for you hold the memories of your life in it, some good and some bad. Holding onto to good memories always makes you become better. Holding onto bad memories always makes you become bitter. As an ocean sprawling with memories of both denominations I say onto you and verily too from my own personal experiences, you need to use bad memories as a learning niche to ensure that you do not get hurt again. You need to let bygones be bygones and focus on today and tomorrow and the rest of your Earthy Life.  GOD watches over us daily and sees the good and the bad in people. GOD see the pain that you have endured and the abuse that you have sheltered. To established goodness in your heart, the epitome of classified secrets, you need to remember the fond memories to build better memories but you need to bury the bad memories and refer to them to avoid been hurt or abused again. Goodness creates happiness, happiness for you and for your home and for the occupants that live there. I use the word occupants because happiness is not just for your spouse but also for the mouse that lives below the skirting board. Happiness is for the birds that sit perched on the branch of your tree. Happiness is for the earthworms too that aerate your soil and happiness is for your pets as well. Without goodness in your heart there will never be happiness in your home. To support your happiness you need cleanliness within you and around you. Cleanliness is purity. Cleanliness exhibits your willingness to act as responsible sole custodians of the living world or your domain. To start your day with a prayer and end it with gratitude and to fill the sandwich of your day with good daily deeds is devoutness at the forefront of your day. This is righteousness and this is how every individual should exercise their day, their lives and their intent. It is a choice really, to be right or not. However you cannot assume righteousness for the day and have unrighteousness in your heart for the rest of your life. Let us remember what Hermes once stated, ‘As above, so below.’ Let us invite the splendour of Heaven into our heart and let us make our domain like Heaven itself.

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