Saturday 16 May 2015

Joy and Happiness

Joy and Happiness
Quote of the day
‘Joy is the delight of every individual because it enhances the spirit of living giving personal exultation and euphoria. Happiness is the result of joy, because happiness is like interest on your savings.’

A lot of people will argue that joy and happiness is actually the same thing but I would affirm that joy and happiness is actually two different things embodied as one. Joy is something that you build on and depending on your temperament for the day or week could diminish or become augmented. Today you may feel a sense of joy because you are isolated from the tyranny of the commercial world. The cold calls stop, the front door does not ring, you are not answerable to anyone, you are not under the whip and you feel freedom at the tip of your fingers. Depending on your how long you can sustain your temperament your joy can grow into tomorrow like tumbleweeds. Joy is therefore like a saving account growing or decreasing each day. My objective in life is to capitalise on my joy and to let it grow as I get older. Happiness on the other hand is like interest accrued on your savings. The more joy you have the more happiness you accrue. To me Happiness is a lifetime pursuit and as you get older and shift towards retirement this is where the happiness can be withdrawn and spent in sheer delight and pleasure. Many of us spend our entire life accruing funds to pay for this or to pay for that and finally we reach the pot in our savings account that has zero joy or happiness. I say onto you and verily too money is not important but joy is. Money is something that you work towards but joy is something that you need to learn how to appreciate and cultivate. An employer will give you money but no one can give you joy. Joy is the delight of every individual because it enhances the spirit of living giving personal exultation and euphoria. Joy is inherited and joy is classified in carats. Pure joy is untarnished, tainted joy comes in lower denominations. Let me explain. If you are brought up in a household of stress, depression, oppression and suppression there is generally very little room for joy. Today I want to tell you that you can reverse this. You can plant the seeds of joy right away but you have to patient to see the results. As you grow with joy you will eventual see changes. Your magical vision would be Happiness. Happiness is the interest you receive over a period of time and happiness lasts forever and ever. I say onto you once again spend this weekend in a boat of joy and in a moat of happiness even though it may be hard. What you input into the equation of true success will unveil as a gift from heaven. A gift from heaven is always endowed with glory, delight, mystery and satisfaction. Did you ever receive a gift from heaven? I did on many occasions and I want to tell you it is by far the most treasured acquisition you could ever want.

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