Thursday 14 May 2015

‘An Active Lifestyle is attractive and highly interactive’

‘An Active Lifestyle is attractive and highly interactive’
Quote of the day
‘An Active Lifestyle is highly attractive, pleasing to the beholder, appealing to the older and charming to the bolder. An Active lifestyle is also interactive, collaborating amongst similar genre, communicating to everyone one in the same fraternity and co-operating in all levels of society.’

Dear Friends, I want to tell you today, at this very instance how important my 86,400 seconds per day really is. They are worth more than £86,400. If given the choice I would always choose 86,400 seconds to £86,400 per day. I say this vehemently because I know my life is my forte. I love my life and I am grateful to be here on planet Earth expending my day actively in all spheres of my activities. My life is lived on a daily basis fired with a sense of activeness. I am totally pleased to be the beholder of my life and as I grow older I find my life more appealing. When I wake up at the crack of dawn I am on fire ready to live an active lifestyle. Living an active lifestyle keeps my mind constantly processing my next move and maintains my body to be in tune with my needs. An active lifestyle makes me lively in society, vigorous in my approach to different situations and dynamic at the forefront of my career. As an active person I coordinate with my fellow colleagues at all levels and therefore I am able to jump over difficult hurdles and glide through sudden hiccups. Living an active lifestyle keeps me alive, filling the gaps in my day with adventure and wanting earnestly to become more learned. As I pen these articles to you daily I know that without a sense of activeness my articles will be boring and will keep you constantly snoring. Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls I want you to follow suit by becoming active. Always carry the following bonus Quote with you in your pocket and refer to it when you feel a sense of inactiveness and unresponsiveness. I used the word ACTIVENESS conveniently as an acronym to create the following Bonus Quote.

Bonus Quote
Activeness Creates True Inspirational Values Endlessly. Nurturing Eloquent Steps to Success

Become Alive by being active at the crack of dawn. Jump out of your bed with vigour and clamber every difficult stride ahead of you with a well calculated plan. Do this diligently and you shall hold the key to your very own success like never before.

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