Wednesday 6 May 2015

‘Blessings from The LORD’

‘Blessings from The LORD’
Quote of the day
‘Blessings from The LORD are really miracles that come your way bespoke to your needs, because you asked for help and The LORD responded with a consecration only you could see and marvel at.’
 Bonus Quote
 ‘Help is always at hand. For the services of a professional you would need to pay a fee. For the services of The LORD it is always free.’

Whenever I seek the services of a professional I always get a fee attached to the service provided but I do not necessarily get the solution to my problem. Everyone is out to make money from you and deliver to your doorstep not a solution but rather a persecution. Just look back over your tyrannies that you faced over the years and try to recall how difficult it was for you. Were you stuck in a rut financially stricken or grief sicken? Did you seek the services of a financial consultant or a medical practitioner? Did they resolve your problem or problems and if so how much did they charge you? Real help only comes from real people, people that care, share and remain fair. These people are hard to come by. As the years go by we are forced to live with our fears and sometimes loose our possessions wiping out years of hard work for nothing. Today I want to tell you that finding help is easy if you ask The Master Himself. I urge you to speak to The LORD in your prayer tonight. I want you to do it the way I do it. I want you to identify your dilemma and to be determined to rid yourself of this predicament that gives you constant grief, misery, fever, heartache or sorrow. Please don’t retire with a heavy meal. Eat light, be at ease and speak to your Heavenly Father with frankness and appeasement. Rehearse your prayer so that you are clear. Being clear ensures that you understand your predicament fully. You cannot go to a doctor without understanding your need for medical attention. Likewise you cannot seek a miracle without understanding your predicament in full. Don’t pray for the sake of praying. Prayers are actually an earnest request by an individual seeking a resolve to their dilemma no matter how big or small. Going to bed after a heavy meal creates a disruption to your spiritual conduit to the Heavens above. You need to be prepared, genuine and sincere. You need to dial the right number to speak to GOD. Overeating is like changing a single digit in your spiritual number to the Heavens above. Avoid distraction too like the TV or the radio or noise from the next room. Once you conclude your prayer gently fall off to sleep and awake in the morning to a vestibule of knowledge granted to you. Take heed of this new knowledge and pursue it in the way you should. All problems are solvable. Prayers helps you to recognise this and a miracle comes to you in a unique way, bespoke to your needs. Miracles don’t make weeds disappear but shows you the way to remove them for good. Miracles don’t make you win the lottery but shows you the way to create fortunes from the aftermath of misfortunes. Try to awake in the early hours of the morning to soak in the glory of your bespoke miracle. Don’t rush into the streets jubilantly for this miracle is for you and only you to assist you from your predicament.

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