Tuesday 28 July 2015

Want or Need

Want or Need
Quote of the day
‘There is a distinct difference between a WANT and a NEED, knowing the difference can make all the difference. Not knowing the difference can ultimately result in happiness or sadness.
Dear Friends, it is important to distinguish between a WANT and a NEED. This distinction can make an overall difference to your life. Your life is indeed a precious gift and is equated with time. Each second that you waste over the duration of your life can result in either the lessening of your lifespan or living in remorse. To have the good things in life requires a certain degree of input on your part. However finding the right things in life bespoke to your very NEEDS can be quite a daunting task. We often emulate what we see but do not necessarily step into the right shoes. Temptation is also a menacing attraction that lures you to your demise (The use of the word demise in this instance refers to your downfall). A WANT can best described as a wish or yearn but does necessarily indicate that you really want it. You are constantly seeing things in front of you like a sequence on a celluloid film. Advertising is designed to do just that. Your quest in life is to live by request. In other words if you NEED something pertinent to your requirements you NEED to request for information on that product, service or advice. You NEED to scan through the information, test drive them if you have to or simply reject. You are the decision maker. A NEED forms the essential part of your requisite. I need the essentials commodities in life to survive. I need money to meet my expenses. I need to learn a trade or I need to pass my driving test. Live by request, gain some testimonials and look for the shoe that fits. Don’t rush into things, don’t allow the WANTS in your life to ruin happier moments. Life is about Happiness and Joy, this is a daily process and lasts for 100 years. What is the purpose of living if you are saddle strapped to the common fallacies in life? Make a good decision and stick to it. However you must remember that good decisions do take time. If you need something search for it. Once you have found it then do your research. The art of researching often yields three results. The first result makes it a NEED. The second result makes you understand that it is a WANT. The third result is somewhat obscure, it is either a yes or a no. Stick to the first result at all times. If there is a doubt just leave it or reject it. You not compelled to say yes without thinking about it first. Always say no to temptation.

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