Monday 27 July 2015


Quote of the day
Accomplishment Creates Conductivity Over Many People’s Lives Inspiring Success and Happiness.’
A very warm welcome to all my friends across the world. Welcome to the 1st working day of a new working week and the last working week of July 2015. I am grateful that you took the time to read this article today and the many articles that preceded this. Starting your day with a pertinent Inspirational Quote or an article can really make a huge difference to the outcome of your working week. Inspiration is stimulus for the mind and ultimately for the body. In order to make your working week accomplished and fulfilled you need to start with an agenda authored by yourself well in advance and to treat each task in your agenda with the seriousness it deserves. To write an agenda is one thing but to accomplish it is another. Happiness is only founded when accomplishment is sought. Many a weekend falls into a dull and regretful period of time where we fret over our performances and fear the onslaught of a new working week. As I have always stated in the past life is a repetitive cycle no matter how old you really are. Our lifestyle is a weekly cycle of events consisting of a full working week followed hopefully by a relaxed and restful weekend. We cannot mix the two together. We cannot carry our working week into the weekend and vice versa. It all starts at the weekend where relaxation creates the perfect moat to contemplate on what to do. Accomplishment does indeed create conductivity. By this I mean accomplishment is about managing all your tasks for the day or collectively for the week professionally, systematically and methodically. There is no stress involved because whatever you wrote down was derived by careful thought and analysis done in the preceding week where you are alone, unperturbed by your surroundings and able to author your future week in gentle strokes of your handwriting about ‘your life in a working week’. Such an accomplishment requires an input that is sincere and genuine. You need to be serious about your future. You need to seek accomplishment through proper conductivity. Your ultimate goal for the week is to ensure that whatever you wrote down in your dairy or memo is done with passion and desire. A written agenda is something that requires careful thought and a great deal of analysis. Thought is about deep contemplation done in peaceful settings, in my case scenario the early hours of the morning is quite fitting. I can achieve a lot without being interrupted. Analysis is about examining the workload of your daily grind and to manage them into specific time schedules. Our main object in life is to enjoy our weekends. In other words to succeed we need to be happy. Therefore you could say that accomplishment is directly proportional to your input. Now your input has to be real and genuine. It is all about effort. Every task no matter how big or small must be recorded. Need that loaf of bread or need to make that phone-call must be recorded in your agenda. If it is in your agenda than you have to execute it. You wrote it now you must enact it.

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