Wednesday 22 July 2015


Quote of the day
Time Is Magical and Eternal. TIME is the duration of your life. TIME is precious and irreplaceable.’
Time is a miracle and time is eternal. Miracles are happening all the time but we do not recognise them. Time is indeed eternal but we lack our paternal instincts to believe in this. Time is important and time is precious. The importance of TIME establishes your punctuality and your capabilities. Time is divine and time is mortal. Time is indeed a gift bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father. Time is a healer and time is a period to create and a period to renew. Time heals pain, time keeps us occupied and time does not rule us. Time is divisible and time is irreversible. Our day consists of 86,400 seconds, how much of it do you waste or cultivate. You can divide time into smaller units or larger units to live and grow each day. Time is magical and time is a schedule of things to do. When someone is born we note the magical moment, when someone dies we bereave over the moment of immense sadness. Time is to conquer and time is to become stronger. Within a specified time we can create goals and also conquer them. Time is a period of work, rest and play. Time is to love, time is to care, time is to share and time is to be fair. Time is the essence of life and life is time. Love your life and manage your time. Time is about everything, from the simplest of creatures to the more complex individuals like you and me. Time is an era of change, time is an age of immense changes. Time is an eon to look back on, to learn and to understand. Time is specific, time can become horrific, time can be pacific and time can also be terrific. Time is about the beginning and time is always about the end. Time starts at one point and ends at the other. Time is the most precious gift bestowed upon any living creature. In time you comprehend the value of time. Time is recorded in hieroglyphics and deciphered in scientific graphics. Time is always right, time is never wrong. Time is indeed the most precious gift you may ever have. As you already know our time on Earth is limited to 100 years, it is an epoch of personal contributions that individuals make whilst living on planet Earth. Dear Friends, do value your life, every second of it is crucial. Don’t waste it by being sorry or by worrying. Value your time and you shall go down in history as the one that cared, shared and remained fair.

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