Saturday 11 July 2015

December is not that far away.

December is not that far away.
Quote of the day
‘Money is something that you can manufacture over a period of time, the problem only starts when you try to manufacture it overnight.’
Previous Quote
‘Money is the Pallbearer of ALL evil, yet it is a necessity that we cannot do without.’
Dear Friends it is wonderful to know that the opulence of The Universe is available to all contrary to what many people would make you believe. Many people would instil in your mind that the opulence of The Universe is for a select few. This is not true. The fundamental Law of the Universe states that ALL human beings are fundamentally the same and therefore should live in equality. To live a good and reasonable lifestyle you need money and even though money is the pallbearer of ALL evil, it is a necessity that we cannot do without. In order to pluck money from the opulence of The Universe you need to exercise patience because money is something that you can manufacture. You can make money and you can make it legally. You can earn it through employment or you can start a business to generate money. Either package of choice needs to be accountable. To earn by working or being self-employed means part of your money must be taxed. Part of your money must be utilised for your living expenses. Many of us try to evade these basic necessities, this is wrong. Many of us tend to spend too much on our living expenses leaving an overall negative balance. Many of us are tempted to become millionaires overnight with schemes that only dreams are made up of. Many of us are tempted with flyers that attract our senses and distract our common-senses. Dear Friends I want to tell you today that there is something more important than the likes of money that you have at your disposal and that is time equated to 86,400 seconds per day. Time can be used wisely or time can be spent foolishly. Yesterday we spoke about the value of simple agendas. We spoke about keeping it simple and breaking your agenda into manageable modules. This is Time Management and the science behind it. Many a person would waste their time in unnecessary bouts of worrying, pettiness, idleness and confrontation. I say onto you and verily too become a millionaire at heart first before attempting to become a millionaire in pocket. A millionaire at heart knows the value of time and uses unselfish methods to manufacture money. A millionaire at heart will always care, share and remain fair. A millionaire at heart always has a vision of their future and lives with anticipation. A millionaire at heart puts his or her life first and puts money second because they know that money is something that they can manufacture over a reasonable period of time. A millionaire at heart will understand that in order to receive we would have to give. Dear Friends, don’t become a millionaire overnight this will lead to ultimate failure and a wasted period of time which is never retrievable. As we journey along a period of six inspiring months you will be nudged into understanding that December is not far away. You can achieve a lot by then.

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