Thursday 16 July 2015


Quote of the day
‘Should you Manufacture Everlasting Memories On Succeeding or should you Manufacture Everlasting Memories Once Succeeded?’
Bonus Quote
‘Write down what you have to do and you will see everything will ultimately become right.’
Everlasting Memories are cherished ones that linger on for generations to come. They tell a tale of how success was achieved on a daily basis. They creates stories of fascination when told to people that need to be inspired. They make life illustrious and generally tell a tale of success that was built from nothing to something worthy of recognition. Transient memories are memories that are often forgotten because failure was attached to them. They surface as reminders of how painful an experience it was when finding the first job or finding a genuine friend. Transient memories tell a tale of how goals never materialised and how time was wasted for no real or valid reason. To become successful you need to cherish every day that makes up the word SUCCESS. Every day is a like a building block or a brick that creates the final structure be it a wall, house or your goal. The question at the header of this article asked, Should you Manufacture Everlasting Memories On Succeeding. The answer to that question is a big YES! Whatever you aim to do you need to aim to enjoy it. If there is no joy then life generally becomes sad and sorrowful. Why should you choose goals that will make your day let alone your life sad and sorrowful? You need to choose goals that will make you happy and cheerful. Creating happy and cheerful goals creates a defined plan irrespective of how big or small they really are. A defined plan or an agenda comes from ideas written down in your own hand writing. Do you remember when I once spoke of ‘The Entrepreneurial Dozen? The Entrepreneurial Dozen consisted of twelve powerful words that could change the way you do things. To remind you I list this quote once again for your perusal:
To execute a goal you would need first to know how to do it. Baking a loaf of bread for the first time is a goal. However how to do it from scratch is a lengthy process that is a long as the history of man. However if you follow a set of instructions that has previously worked you should have a loaf of bread baked in the specified time coming out of your oven. Instructions gives you direction. Instructions penned in your own hand writing will govern your day and your life. What makes instructions effective if there are put together in a systematic and chronological order? Do it if you know how to do it. If you do not know how to do it then you need to learn it. Learning takes time but it needs to be enjoyed too. Learning a new language can be fun if you are enjoying it. Success comes at a price and that price is hard and consistent work. If you have passion and desire in whatever you do you will create everlasting memories. Enjoy your day from now on. Govern your day with a set of written instructions penned in your own handwriting and is based on a set of written instructions that has previously worked. Keep your diaries for as long as you live. One day they shall make up your biography on planet Earth written in a text that is enriched with inspiration.

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