Wednesday 15 July 2015


Quote of the day
‘Hope is a lifeline of optimism. It gives you the confidence to cope, it supplies you with a rope of courage, it manufactures a scope of expectation and it is a slope towards faith.’
Dear Friends, how do you succeed in life when you are caught up in a trauma of insatiability created by greedy men and women? Life can be so morbid even when you try to be good, kind and gentle. The world holds its own live museum of destruction right before our very eyes. Apart from contending with our own daily grind we have to face the music of climate change, global warming, waste disposal, depleting natural resources, over-population, pollution, the loss of our biodiversity, deforestation, acid rain, genetic engineering, water pollution, lack of water, droughts, urban sprawl and ocean acidification. Wow! Man has really taken the law into his own hands. He is slowly disseminating disruption to the lives of innocent people and creating havoc to our planet as a whole. There is conflict, there is poverty, there is abuse, there is bereavement, there is death and there is hunger. 200 school girls are still missing in Nigeria. The loss of two Malaysian Airlines with so many lives illustrates how safe air travel really is. The crisis in Ukraine. The conflict in Syria. Violence in Afghanistan. The deadliest violence along the Gaza Strip and the list goes on. How safe are you? Will you be robbed tonight or mugged at the bus stand. Are you bullied at school or are you bullied on the roads with raging drivers that don’t care. Are you troubled by your neighbours or do you fear the bailiff.  Dear Friends, I say onto you and verily too, fear not, build a lifeline of HOPE from today. Let HOPE carry you and let HOPE protect you. Life can shed a bitter moment at the most awkward times, therefore it is important to have HOPE at the forefront of all your endeavours. Sometimes bad news can come at the most unexpected times. Today I want to assure you that without HOPE life can and will be dreadful. HOPE gives people a lifeline of optimism. Without optimism there is the usual and obvious pessimism.  Pessimism sheds hopelessness into the equation of despair. Where can you go to for help without HOPE? Friends become distant when they see you struggle. Families try to stay out of your problems. Bank Managers close their doors to you when you are struggling financially. Doctors will confirm their prognosis and are generally limited in what they can really do. So when bad news hits the ceiling for you reach out and touch HOPE, the lifeline from above. HOPE is a bespoke conduit to the Heavens above. HOPE is positive energy giving you confidence in what you do, say or think. HOPE gives you courage to walk the line of uncertainty. HOPE makes you vigilant and aware. HOPE is like an umbrella of Prospect embracing you when trouble looms and nudging you when the going gets tough. HOPE is faith. Faith is about believing not just in yourself but also in our Heavenly Father who watches daily over you. HOPE identifies your purpose in life and gives you the passion and desire to serve our Heavenly Father. We are not here to serve man. HOPE makes you place reliance on Almighty GOD. Dear Friends, whatever your predicament is there is a solution. Big problems require complex solutions whilst little problems can disappear like a puff of smoke. Climb the tree of positivity and use every branch to radiate positivity to others that maybe struggling. Start at home with a validation of sincere prayers and then meet the world with confidence and an unselfish purpose. Then candidly offer gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His guidance and protection. To this daily and you will strengthen your faith. Do this sincerely and you will have faith by your side. Do this unselfishly and you will have faith in your heart.

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