Monday, 13 July 2015

Get ready to see the sun rise

Get ready to see the sun rise
Quote of the day
‘It is important to witness the Sun rise along the horizon for it not only signifies the beginning of a new day but also the beginning of your day. A day holds a magical 86,400 seconds. A wise person acknowledges this and shines all the way through it.’
A very warm welcome to you on the start of a new working week and the 2nd league of our incredible journey to personal stardom and elite success. I hope and pray that your weekend was relaxing and restful. These are vital necessities in a meritocratic goal setter of which you are. Rest gets you away from the desk and relaxation will always get you away from common aggravations. I am so delighted to be here on the 13th of July 2015 amongst friends whom I shall always treasure for the rest of my life. Have you ever witnessed the birth of a new day? Have you ever witnessed the sun rise, now this totally different to waking up to see the early morning sun. To see the sun rise along the horizon of expectancies is the greatest gift a person can have. I say this vehemently because if the Sun did not rise I am afraid we too will not rise up and get on with our daily grind. The Sun, an immense fiery ball fires the right amount of energy to get you started. It delivers this daily, with energy like Torrent Rivers that burst banks and create picturesque waterfalls. The precise moment of sight is when the edge of the Sun makes its appearance over the eastern horizon at the break of dawn. You have to see it to believe it. It is like the heavens are opening the doors to opportunities for people that have fallen below their expectations. The Sun rise invokes us to pray and to offer gratitude to Almighty GOD for our lives and our existence. The rising Sun is like a beam of communication waking up all creatures great and small. It is like a beacon to all, enlightening by sight and encouraging with sound. It is a symbol of life and also a carrier of information from the beginning of our galaxy to the end of our galaxy. It is a cycle of life for all and a kaleidoscope of varying colours enveloping the atmosphere with awe and wonder. It is a burst of energy to the weak and the meek. It si a bonfire of daily celebration and a flare of hope to the ones that have lost hope. It is an alarm call that sounds every second and a dial that tells the time with accuracy and with clarification. It is a warming to some and a signal to others. It is our Sun and we should treasure it like our own Son. Dear Friends, appreciation for the Sun signifies your personal appreciation for life and of all creatures great and small. Look to the Sun and see Inspiration right in front of you. Take this inspiration and light up your life.

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