Thursday 9 July 2015

Are you dressed to Stress?

Are you dressed to Stress?
Quote of the day
Stress makes you Tiresome, Restless, Edgy, Sensitive and Seedy. Do you dress to be stressed or would you dress to Succeed, Triumph, Renew, Energise, Serve and Strengthen.’
Many a great individual has fallen victim to stress and history shows how stress has killed, maimed and ridiculed individuals from all works of life and from all ages across The Universe. In my opinion there is only one form of Stress and that Stress is Financial Stress. I call it FSS or The Financial Stress Syndrome. Stress makes you tiresome lowering your abilities and your capabilities to noted levels. Stress drains your energy levels making you spend time on worrying on trivial issues and scurrying at the last moment. Stress makes you restless altering your sleep patterns and lowers your concentration levels. It even makes you agitated letting you snap at people with no recourse. Stress makes you edgy, allowing you to jump out of bed at night with a tonne of ‘worry’ and jumping into bed with a tonne of ‘sorry’. This tension is bad for your health making your blood pressure rise to dangerous levels and allowing you to become addictive to smoking, drinking and taking drugs. Stress makes you too sensitive over issues that wastes unnecessary time and achieves absolutely nothing. Your sensitivity creates difficulties and as the day gets longer so does your difficulties. Your problems intensifies placing you in embarrassing situations that sometimes makes you lose your noted trust and integrity. Stress will make you seedy. What I write in this article is from personal experiences and from observing other people that come to work stressed or commute with stress written all over their faces. A seedy person is one that neglects themselves as a result of being stress. They become clumsy, don’t bath properly and even sometimes forget to brush their teeth. They do it unintentionally because they allowed stress to rule their lives. People can become sordid, sleazy and squalid when they are stressed. I say onto you and verily too do not stress because stress achieves nothing. You need to live to succeed. You need to get to the top if you fell to the bottom. You need to climb the ladder of success if bitten by a snake or a pit filled with snakes. You need to take negative situations and turn them into positive ones. You need friends. You need tools. By being on this special journey you need to hold onto hope. You need to triumph not only at the final hurdle but at every positive step forward. You need to renew lost energy. You need to pump up those lagging muscles and eat the right foods that boost your confidence levels. To start all over again is like being given a second. Take it and don’t feel shameful. You need to serve unselfishly. You need to give in order to receive. You need to strengthen your weaknesses. You need to reinforce what was weakened. A fallen bridge must be erected. A broken wall must be built again. Everything will start again like the summer blossom that will come yearly and for eternity. Love your life and dress to be less stressed. 

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