Monday 20 July 2015


Quote of the day
Appreciation Plays a Pivotal Role in Everyone’s Circumstances. It Alleviates Tensions In Our Neighbourhoods.’
Bonus Quote
‘Show appreciation and you shall receive appreciation. Appreciate your life and you shall increase in longevity. Appreciate the bees and they shall be back next summer.’
You need to love your life in order to appreciate your life. You cannot abhor your existence due to your circumstances. If your circumstances are disparaging, don’t worry you can change that quite easily. All you need is a simple tool called APPRECIATION. APPRECIATION changes the forefront of your life and makes you likeable by the recipients of your APPRECIATION. Dear Friends exercise APPRECIATION from now on in a simple way that illustrates your sincerity rather than your hostility. Appreciate your life and you shall live the full duration. Appreciate the rising Sun and you shall rise above the rest each day. Appreciate love by giving love liberally and be prepared to receive it like never before. Appreciate the sound of nature, identify the migrant workers, the residing workers and the unseen workers that labour intensely daily for our needs. Appreciate your spouse by saying wonderful things to her or him. Appreciate their presence and their presents of laughter, care and comfort. Appreciate your children for they shall be your posterity one day. Appreciate your pets for their do give you joy and love and protection. Appreciate your daily bread, don’t make an issue of the quantity of what you eat but give thanks for what you are about to receive. Appreciate what you already have and you shall receive even more from the opulence of The Universe. Appreciate your friends for their friendship, support and guidance. Appreciate the janitor, the refuse collector and the road sweeper that keeps our homes and streets clean. Show them that you care and they shall feel the resonance of your appreciation in their hearts. Appreciate your health and look after it rather than neglect it. Appreciate your wealth even if it is just a dime for it is not the value of what you own but rather the value that you place in appreciating what you already have. Appreciate the animals that come in two by two, learn from their natural instinct and apply it to your instinct. Appreciate the flowers for their colourful blossom and for their enticing fragrance. Appreciate the birds and the bees and they shall come next year in the same fuzz and buzz. Appreciate your job by doing it to the best of your ability. Appreciate our Heavenly Father for watching over us daily. Appreciate what your country is doing for you and look at ways of what you can do for your country. Appreciate the 7 billion people that make up the population of our earthly abode, give them praise for their sacrifices and hard work. Appreciate your peers and give cheers to the ones that oversees our safety. Appreciate your neighbour and form the ideal neighbourhood of friends that create laughter by the hour and happiness by the minute. Is ay onto you Dear Friends show appreciation and you shall receive appreciation. It does not hurt to say thank you.

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