Friday 24 July 2015


Quote of the day
‘To be focussed on your goals requires a certain level of concentration and full engagement into your affairs. More importantly you must be equally absorbed in what you do. Any variations to these requirements will yield an unfocused approach to your overall goals.’
Bonus Quote
‘FOCUS requires you to be an ACE at all levels of your day. An ACE is one that is absorbed, concentrated and engaged in all their affairs.’
Dear Friends you cannot be unfocussed if you want to succeed. Success in your life utilises all 86,400 seconds per day. To establish this level of focusing you need to become an ACE. ACE stands for Absorption, Concentration and Engaging. It is a skill you have to develop and it can take time if you fall into the usual snare of modern day distractions. Television is the prime consumer of your talent, it drifts you away from your agenda and can take up as much 28,800 vital seconds of your day. You need to focus so that your images are clear. Every vivid image that you create forms a celluloid capture of your life. Can you image sitting in front of your cinemascope theatre at home watching a day in your life? Can you imagine how disappointed you will be if you found inconsistencies in your daily performance, if you found that you images were out of focus, if you procrastinated and wasted your vital time. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we must ALL remember the importance of wanting to succeed. Success does not come easy, it is a skill that you need to learn and develop into a perfect art. You need to become an ACE. Always remember the acronym ACE and you shall be like a camera set at the right aperture to succeed. ACE stands for Absorption, Concentration and Engagement. Absorption is the subtle art of not being distracted. It helps you to remain focussed at levels of your occupation. Concentration is the subtle art of remaining alert and vigilant over your circumstances. Change your circumstances and you will need to change your alertness and vigilance like the autofocus on a camera. Engagement is the subtle art of committing to your worthy course. Nothing shall come between you and nothing shall stop you. Marry the three faculties together and you have the perfect mechanism to remain focussed. I want you to become focused, it is not easy especially when you occupy a world designed to distract rather than attract. You must remember to focus on what you are doing with the outmost dedication. You are indeed the sole custodian of your domain and collectively are the sole custodians of the living world, therefore your service to the world and its occupants are crucial. Focus, Focus, Focus.

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