Tuesday 7 July 2015

Attracting, Extracting, Interacting and Retracting

Attracting, Extracting, Interacting and Retracting
Quote of the day
‘To liven your road to Success you need to constantly attract positivity in your heart, to extract knowledge from The Universe, to interact with people of all works of life and to retract from the adversities that often come your way.’
As we make our journey along a sea of tranquillity and an ocean of possibilities we must always remember that we are travelling with friends, friends that care, share and remain fair. We must also remember that life is not only an adventure but also a joint venture for we cannot walk the surface of the earth unless someone has done it before. We cannot live in isolation because there should never be barriers or enclosures that separate friends. Dear Friends, how thrilled am I to be here with you on a journey to create further journeys for other people. Our journey today is like a trek into the unknown armed just with few key tools and that is Attraction, Extraction, Interaction and Retraction. As we sail the seas ahead of us we clear the path for others to follow. So, when you receive enlightenment pass it on to others that are struggling, to others that need guidance and support. This is the whole concept of Universally Friendly, to care, to share and to remain fair. When I first opened my bank account my Bank Manager sat silent for several minutes and when I asked is there something wrong she replied: ‘I was just enlightened by your slogan, to care, to share and to remain fair. It made me think and it inspired me to think further.’ Having the power to attract means you need to watch out for signs where positivity has laid it mark. It is where positivity has been paved by someone before you. You need to attract it to you to help inspire you to do the same or similar. Having the ability to extract means you should always be willing to learn by extracting knowledge from The Universe. Men and Women may well be accredited for their find but we need to acknowledge that they merely found something that was already there. Learn a new word, create a new friend, learn a new foreign word, learn about the birds and the bees, learn about the anomalous nature of water, learn, learn and learn. Interact with people rather than remain in a common click. Work to together and be together. Live together and love together. Interaction creates satisfaction. Always retract from a weary situation. Don’t live with confrontation. Be alert and vigilant at all times. To every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. If you confront you will provoke. Avoidance is always better than pursuance. Dear Friends holds these words close to your heart. Travel with them and use them like tools to set you free. Watch out for turbulence and steer your intent towards calmer waters. Have a great day.

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