Tuesday 21 July 2015


Quote of the day
Depreciation Employs Powerless Recruits Everyday Causing Imprudence And Tension In Our Neighbourhood.’
Bonus Quote
‘Don’t depreciate, a decrease in your health and wealth can lead to a miserable day culminating into miserable life. You need to rise above the surface and remerge into a happy individual that you once were.’
Additional Bonus Quote
‘All things depreciate in value, but your life appreciates in value. It grows into morality that gleams in the distant horizon setting unique examples for others to follow.’
Dear Friends your body is designed to be appreciated and we have the appendages to do just that. Instead of marvelling at someone else we need to seek inspiration to get our body into shape to avoid rapid depreciation. They say that you are as young as you look and this remains true. Appreciate your body and your body shall appreciate you. Take care of your body and your body shall take care of you. Live your life to the fullest and you shall fill the horizon of your dreams with accomplishment and fulfilment. Look after what you have and you shall have them for as long as you want to. Do an assessment of your assets. Tally what you paid for it and then do a current valuation. All things depreciate. Your life on the other can appreciate. Value your life and you shall value the purpose of living it. Don’t let your workload depreciate in quality, standard and neatness. Don’t let your friends depreciate as a result of your negligence. Don’t let your belongings go to waste. Appreciate the long hours you put into it to achieve whatever you own or are about to own. Whatever you have you must be grateful. This is appreciation. Whatever you do not have do not be ungrateful. Don’t depreciate internally and let stress show externally. You have the appendages to achieve whatever your mind needs. It is just a question of time and patience. Look after your health with a rigorous approach to eating and exercising. Like a car your body needs equal attention.

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