Saturday 18 July 2015

Are you enjoying your 6 month trip to success?

Are you enjoying your 6 month trip to success?
Quote of the day
‘The journey to Success is an avenue to work, rest and play. Work during the weekdays, rest at night and play during the weekends. With this mind-set at hand the journey to success can be an adventure to cherish.’
It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you on this fine weekend, the 29th weekend of 2015 would you believe. Life can be good and life can become bad. It is all about the power to envisage with anticipation and vigilance and the power to overcome any adversaries that come your way. Our journey of six months is a purposeful one. I say this with experience because the concept of such a journey is to help people of all ages and gender to achieve a balanced life. Life is about work, rest and play. You cannot work and rest and have no form of play. The use of the word play in this instance implies the importance of utilising your time on a weekly basis to exercise, to engage in a hobby, to find pleasure in some form of leisure, to have time off for yourself, to have the freedom of life at your disposal and to lavish in entertainment. This makes your purpose in life a little more exciting. Life is never and was never meant to be a weary task. This then defeats the purpose of living the full duration of 100 years. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you need your rest as well as your play. You need to work diligently and to aim to get the job done. This obviously constitutes your working life or your life as a scholar. They say that a scholar may depend on his or her dollar and that a working man or woman earns their dollar but I say onto you that money should be the last thing on your mind. Money is something that can be manufactured right away. Our forefather in Adam had no money but he had wisdom. Adam knew about work, rest and play. He had a balanced life. You too have to follow a similar pattern. At this precise moment your mind could well be boggled with problems of varying magnitudes. You may be struggling financially or perhaps unemployed. You may have serious domestic issues that troubles you all day long. Sometimes people wait for their weekends to be over so that they can get back to work. All of these examples relate to an unbalanced lifestyle. We need to get to the source of our troubles and we need to do so on the double. Is money your sore point? I say onto you and verily too you can eradicate ALL your financial hardships but you cannot do it overnight. Don’t worry about your creditors. Worry about yourself instead? Creditors will have to wait in a queue. They are a greedy lot and will charge you more and more interest. Focus on your interest and watch how easy it will be to wipe them off your slate. Create a workable plan of action. Examples of such workable plans will follow in the days to come. Start on Monday with a clean slate, be realistic and be practical. Ensure that you get enough rest and enjoy your weekends to the best of your ability. Speak to someone you trust for support and comfort. With this mind-set at hand the journey to success can be an adventure to cherish. One day you will laugh at the little things in life that overwhelmed you and made you worry for nothing. Have a great weekend.

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