Sunday 5 July 2015

The beginning of a six month Journey

Quote of the day
‘A journey often holds a lifetime of memories, but a journey should also hold a passage of hope and a voyage of certainty. Today I want you to book your journey with me and as I move forward in time I shall take you onto a realm of success, happiness and joy, guaranteed.’
Dear Friends, we have to develop the mind-set to try. July is the ideal time to try because it is the start of the second half of the revolution of the Earth along its long orbital axis of 93 million miles. Our journey is equally long but exciting, inviting, inspiring and uniting. I want you to follow me along this journey despite the difficulties you experienced in the last six months. I feel a sense of duty to make this journey lasting for six months because I believe in myself and I believe in the purpose of my life. Similarly I want you to believe in you and to believe in the purpose of your life as well. At the end of our journey we shall review it and I am sure if you follow exactly what I do you will see results. Journeys often hold a lifetime of memories, but today I want our journey to hold a passage of hope and a voyage of certainty. Are you willing to take this leap forward to make significant changes to your life and to the lives of your family and friends? Why the journey, you may well ask? This is going to be a journey to conquer all journeys. It is going to be a journey to open new doors for you and to close old doors that trouble you. It is going to be a journey to inspire you to believe in yourself and a journey to overcome weaknesses that suppress you all day long. It is going to be a journey of miracles, a journey to witness miracles in action and to award miracles to those that need it more than you. It is going to be a journey to overcome procrastination and a journey to accelerate your efforts when the going gets tough. It is a journey that you will always want to remember for it is a journey that I shall take with you as well. I shall be by your side when the sea get rough or when there is turbulence in the air. I shall respond to your needs when you need it. I shall protect you from adversities by mentoring you to do what is right and not what is wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls whatever your goals are we shall achieve them together as a family of Universal Friends. Where there is hope there will be an avenue for you to cope and a highway of unlimited scope. Where there is uncertainty I will provide you with a hallway of certainty. I shall fill your socks with warmth and cover your tenderness with splendour and grandeur. Fear not Dear friends for you shall have all the privileges bestowed upon you if you are willing to become serious for the next six months. Just wake to inspiration for the next six months and see how you shall be motivated to eat the right foods, to execute the right exercises and to follow a path of righteousness made up of a daily agenda and a list of limitless good deeds.

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