Tuesday 14 July 2015

How strong are your goals?
Quote of the day
‘Goals are linked to your inspirational content. What inspires you forms the objective of your goals. The stronger your inspirational content the stronger are your goals. Like a magnet inspiration attracts you to become more creative and inventive, but where do you draw the line.’
Bonus Quote
‘What you see is what someone has already done. What you are about to see is what you are about to do.’
Additional Bonus Quote
‘Advertisements are designed to attract. They tempt you but don’t necessarily fit your needs. Therefore I say onto you and verily too you need to observe and then reserve your judgement.’
Having goals is by far the easiest concept to conjure like a rabbit from a hat. Achieving them is a lot harder. To make goals really work you need to have the passion and desire to accomplish and fulfil them. Goals could be infinitesimally small or colossally big. Irrespective of what they are they will always be goals. Buying a loaf of bread is a goal, a common goal and one that is executed quite easily. Buying a Rolls Royce is a rare goal because it is a larger commodity and takes a great deal of courage and financial capability to achieve it. The question is how strong are your goals? Do they have that amazing impact on your daily grind that appears as constant visions in your mind?  A constant mental image of your goals powers it up like a lighthouse. However weak goals mainly the ones you try to emulate are dim and cannot be seen even when you try to imagine them. I say if the shoe fits wear it but don’t try to force a shoe that does not fit. Likewise you need to establish what your goals are and what efforts you want to take to execute them. Emulation often leads to cessation. What I mean by this is that when you see someone that has achieved his or her goals such as buying an exclusive car or a home you automatically feel that you should do the same. So, you start of like an uncontrollable wind to emulate what you saw. However you did not think it over carefully. You observed but you did not reserve. Ultimately that goal or vision ceases. We are always observing. We see what other people have imprinted on the face of the Earth, but do we need to do the same. We are all different even though we are fundamentally the same. What makes us different is that our needs are different. Seeing things may inspire us to have the same or similar but we need to reserve. In other words we need to hold back and put our desire onto one side. Focusing is important. We need to focus on our purpose in life and to live a life that is comfortable and manageable. Anything that you need in life holds a great deal of responsibility. The question is can you handle that responsibility. Therefore after observing you need to reserve your decision. If it is a dog that you want after seeing someone walking a dog don’t rush into it. You need to place your inspiration on hold. When the time is right you need to test drive that decision and see whether you could handle that responsibility. Advertisements always lure you to make snap decisions. I say onto you and verily too, observe and then reserve. Take note of what you saw and then place it on reserve. Digest then address. Don’t be gullible. It will only make you stumble and land you into unnecessary trouble. By all means seek inspiration but don’t rush into anything. Focus on your primary purpose in life and gather only new ideas that can make an immediate difference to your life. Don’t take on more than you can chew. Have a manageable list of goals categorised into immediate, short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. Life can be thunderous at times so be alert and vigilant all times. Ask yourself, do you need it and if so are you able to handle the responsibility that comes with it. If the answer is yes, then your goal is strong and so is your passion and desire to achieve them in an unselfish way. If your answer is no then your attic or your shed or your garage will be become inundated with other people’s goals. Go for gold by sticking toy our very own goals. Keep them alive by constantly thinking of them and seek inspiration pertinent to your goals. There is no harm in owning an exclusive yacht like the ALILA but do you need it, can you handle the responsibilities that go with it?

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