Friday 10 July 2015

Trust – the medium of travel

Trust – the medium of travel
Quote of the day
‘Dear Friends you need to have TRUST in order to travel into the wonders of life and beyond. TRUST gives in confidence, hope and belief. Like a ship that floats buoyantly along the seas of possibilities you need TRUST to carry you in and out of new ports and old anchorages.’
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls always walk gallantly forward knowing that you carry your TAG with you at all times. Many a person will ridicule someone else to lessen their confidence but I say onto you don’t listen to such whim and move radically forward into a life that has endless opportunities for all. You have TRUST in Almighty GOD, don’t you? You have TRUST in yourself, I am quite sure? Let us expand on the true meaning of TRUST. As you stand on the surface of the Earth, a truly massive round ball of unimaginable magnificence orbiting the Sun at a speed of almost 30km/sec, do you have confidence in the Earth or do you sometimes think that the Earth will fall of its orbital path. Travel of this sheer size and speed must have had some engineering genius behind it. So, if you TRUST that the Earth will still be here revolving around the Sun when you get up tomorrow then you need to TRUST the genius that started it all. Your first protocol to succeed is to TRUST Almighty GOD. This then establishes unprecedented confidence in your existence. Your existence has a purpose and don’t let any bully tell you otherwise. Bullies makes you lose your confidence and your faith. They can overpower you with words and with unwanted action. Today I want to assure you that bullies are more afraid than you. They need more help than you. I say onto you once again and verily too show by example that you are not afraid and that you have a purpose in life to serve, to share, to care and to remain fair. Do you have confidence in the Sun? What would happen if the Sun got hotter or colder? Yet the Sun was created by someone that cares, shares and remains fair. Dear Friends I want you to believe in yourself from now on, period. I want you to wake up to the sound of a new person that will take to the skies and sail the vastness of the oceans with the dutiful purpose to serve. You got what it takes so why not use it rather than abuse it. Love your life and as I have always stated live your life to the fullest. Are you hungry? Then put out your hands and they shall be filled with the goodness of life. Are you poor? Dig deep into your pockets and you find a millionaire in you at heart, a person that can manufacture money, wealth and prosperity. Are you ill? No worries, go down on your knees and be ready to receive a miracle that will change your life. Are you tired? Lift your spirits with a silver cloud of hope and restitution. The Universe is opulent, waiting for knowledge to be extracted from it. Have TRUST 24/7 and you shall have command of your life and your unselfish goals.

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