Sunday 19 July 2015

Enjoy your day

Enjoy your day
Quote of the day
‘To enjoy your life you need to start by enjoying your day. Your life is made up of 36,500 days that is 36,500 days of sheer enjoyment.’
The enjoyment of waking up is one of the highlights of my life. When I wake up I stand tall in the land of opportunities and in the rivers of certainties. I am like the farmer plucking continually from the opulent fields an abundance of happiness and joy to my daily schedule. I don’t wake up feeling gloomy, if I do I go back to the source and find out exactly what’s bothering me. I very rarely go to bed with a problem to solve. Recently we spoke about a balanced life made up of work, rest and play. To me rest means exactly what it entails. To rest is to sleep in an eiderdown of comfort and to dream of the wonders of life and about the opportunities available to all. To rest is to have the much awaited forty winks to unwind from your hectic schedule and to stop ALL physical activities. Life is about enjoying it. It is a gift bestowed upon you from the heavens above. It is priceless and irreplaceable, therefore we need to cherish it and to engage in good deeds every single day that passes us. Enjoying my life is paramount to me. I always basked myself in the pleasures of life. I keep myself occupied with an array of useful hobbies. I treat every day as a special celebration of life. I don’t live for the day but take each day as a small portion of my biography waiting to be read by my friends and families hoping that it will inspire and motivate them to enjoy their lives too. Dear friends, wake up to tomorrow with the zest to live your life to the best of your ability. Plan for tomorrow and go to bed with the sole purpose of resting for a minimum of six hours. Never sacrifice your rest for anything else. Go to work tomorrow with the mind-set of accomplishing all your duties for the day. Excel in what you do. Go the extra mile and always smile so that the person next to you feels comfortable. Please do enjoy your life, please start by enjoying your day!

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