Monday 6 July 2015

The 1st Protocol to Success is to BELIEVE.

The 1st Protocol to Success is to BELIEVE.
Quote of the day
Believing Establishes Longevity & It Establishes a Veracious Existence.’
Welcome to the 1st day of your journey to success with me, Anthony Pan. Please accept me as your Mentor, your Captain and your Tour Guide. Along this journey lasting six months you will be enriched with wisdom, with the correct nutrients and a host of regular activities to keep you jolted to be alive, to live a life that is fulfilling and a life  that is loved. Your passport to Success must have the word BELIEVE endorsed in it. Without the word BELIEVE your entry to success maybe not be approved. To believe is something that we need to instil in you. I want you to repeat the following mantra as often as you can:
Yesterday I was the person that doubted my abilities and today I am the person that believes in me.
One of the greatest gifts that has been bestowed upon us is life and to live your life in this world for a duration of 100 years should be an honour and a privilege. To live to 100 years guarantees you longevity and an eternal life where you shall drift from planet to planet as a worthy citizen of The Universe serving as sole custodians of the living world. To live is to love and to love is to live. Please remember this previous Quote and carry it with you at all times. It is like a lifejacket.
Previous Quote: ‘To live is to love and to love is to live.
Dear Friends as we set sail on a six month journey in search of our personal health, wealth and prosperity we will encounter problems. Today problems exist in Greece and if you believe in yourself you shall overcome any obstacles that comes in front of you. Problems don’t happen by chance, they are manufactured by people that live to connive and contrive rather than live to love. In your luggage you need to carry with you two important words to your overall survival and those words are living and loving. To live is breathe in the goodness of life and to exhale the badness that often inhibits us. To live is to exist day in and day out with a fundamental purpose and that is too serve. To serve the full duration of 100 years is a human being’s pledge to exist amidst the traumas of life. To love is to adore everything that you can see, to create friendship when there is sullenness and to feel the needs of others. To love is to be affectionate to your spouse, to your partner, to your friends, to your siblings and to your children. To love is to be tender to living organisms, to assist when the earthworm loses its navigation and to aid the abandoned chick. To love is to adore The Creation and to marvel at the Creator. To love is to not hate and live with hate. Now that the tempo is set you should feel a sudden nudge to go forward and live a veracious existence. Let us now recall our Quote of the day highlighted at the head of this article:
Quote of the day: ‘Believing Establishes Longevity and It Establishes a Veracious Existence.’
As you can see I used the word BELIEVE as an acronym to expound the meaning of the word BELIEVE.  To believe in yourself is to exist for the full duration of 100 years in a moat of devotion and promotion. Devotion is all about understanding your existence. Why do I exist? Why do I need to get up? When you believe in you establish a veracious attitude to your overall existence. You become honest in your thoughts and in your actions. People notice this and like this as well. You feel a genuine need to exist because your purpose is clearly identified. You exercise your day with a written agenda prewritten the day before and this makes you reliable. A veracious outlook to life makes you ethical in your actions. You are fair and generous. You are decent to people irrespective of their gender, culture, creed or colour. You are righteous and virtuous. This is the promotion that you acquire as you move forward. It all started because…
Yesterday I was the person that doubted my abilities and today I am the person that believes in me.
The ship has sailed and you are on it. There is no real need to scrub the deck but it is polite to be nice to all 45,000 or more passengers on board. I look forward to addressing you tomorrow on our second day together and forever. I want you to succeed.

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