Friday 24 July 2015


Quote of the day
‘Good news is always welcomed at the forefront of your day. Inspirational News is even better for it enlightens your agenda for the day and ensures a much smoother life ahead of you.’
A hearty welcome to you Dear Friends on the last weekend of July 2015. Has July 2015 been a promising month for you? Are you enjoying our six month cruise of definite change in your life? On the 1st of August I will launch my revised and updated edition of The Databank Times, the 1st inspirational newspaper in the world to inspire and get you on the right track. I elected to launch such a paper because I felt that a need for daily inspiration to all 7 billion of us around the world is the way forward. Inspiration is the much needed stimulus that we need to propel us forward into a world so filled with unforeseen expectancies. Although the world is our abode to live a luxurious lifestyle we are often hampered to reach the pinnacle of our success because human greed has taken over. Human greed has floated across the ionosphere over the millenniums destroying opportunities for innocent people and creating havoc the world over. Today I want to assure you that we can overcome human greed and live a lifestyle that is befitting to our needs. We ALL have a unique purpose in life and that is to serve our Heavenly Father. To serve with ALL our might and with ALL our strength formulates the desire and passion to live onto 100 years and beyond. I was given a second opportunity to live on and to enjoy my life daily. I love to serve and also to act as a sole custodian of my domain. My motto is to care, share and remain fair. I am unselfish in my nature and the purpose of all my inspirational content through social media, books and now my online newspaper illustrates my unselfishness. Dear Friends, I am at your service every single day until it is time for me to say farewell. To be inspired encourages you to overcome hurdles that appear in front of you. Inspiration brings out the brilliance in you. It makes you shine with creativity and inventiveness.  This is the sole purpose of my inspirational newspaper, to give you more encouragement to meet your hurdles each day and to motivate you to take the ultimate action. My newspaper is enriched with valuable content and you MUST ensure that you take advantage of ALL the offers in it. It is a newspaper to encourage rather than discourage. It is a newspaper to create friends and to reduce enemies. It is a newspaper to light up that bulb in your mind and move you to do better things in your life. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. You will also be given the opportunity to advertise in it for free. Look forward to your feedback.

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