Wednesday 8 July 2015


Quote of the day
‘Serving Almighty GOD goes hand in hand with Conserving, Observing and Preserving. If done in accordance with the right mind-set you shall have the makings of a Meritocratic Goal Setter.’
The makings of a meritocratic Goal Setter comes with a bit of finesse. It is an avenue of delight and a passage of immense enjoyment. It is not a rigorous approach to life where at the end of the first week you give up and discontinue your assertiveness. It is about passion and desire in the faculty of your choice. It is not about 7 billion people seeking success but rather a story about 7 billion people finding their niche and creating a lifestyle that will bring forth a daily dose of joy and happiness. When you are happy you are sound and contented. When you are happy you can feel happiness radiating from your body and touching anything around you with equal happiness. When you have joy in your heart you have joy to offer the world. The world also holds a macabre chapter of remorse and bitterness. Augment bitterness and you eliminate kindness. Live in regret and you will stay sullen and gloomy. A sad mood yields a life of delusion and exclusion. A happy mood always yields a life that is pure and inclusive. Today’s article is an expansion on a previous article to be found at:
I would like to enhance your enthusiasm to be on board and to follow a journey that will change your life, your appearance and your bank account. To do this I shall ask you to include three new words in your vocabulary and to refer to these words from time to time.  The first word is Observation. Observation is about Reflection and in this case scenario we need to reflect on the past 6 months to see what went wrong. To do this effectively you need pen and paper at hand and to write down what you feel were the common causes of your procrastination, cessation, negation, temptation and your aggravation. Why did you not complete your agenda as per your written instructions? Did you take on more than you can chew? What made you resort to cessation of a goal that you embarked on and just give up the interest all of a sudden? What made you live in denial, did you emulate someone else’s goal perhaps? What prompted you to fall into a trap of common temptation that caused you to procrastinate, give up hope or fall into complete denial? Aggravation will set in if you stray from your real cause. Now that you reflected on the last six months you need to embark on a strategy of conservation. You need to address your agenda for the day, for the week and for the next six months. You need to execute tasks that you can cope with and to seek assistance when you come stuck.  Finally the concept pf Preservation. You need to play your cards to your chest and not brag about something that you never achieved or to highlight something you did achieved. Goal setting is a personal endeavour. It is about improving your lifestyle and not for personal glorification. Therefore you need to understand the ramifications of setting goals and you need to understand that you cannot hurt anyone else whilst attempting to achieve your goals. This is the concept of preservation. It is about safeguarding your intent and to show by example the difference between right and wrong. Take good care and I look forward as ever to address you tomorrow on the fourth day of our extraordinary league. 

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