Friday 3 July 2015

The Recommended Specialty for today – Unite by Day, Unite by Night.

The Recommended Specialty for today – Unite by Day, Unite by Night.
Quote of the day
 ‘Weekends come and they go. Today I want to focus on an area of Specialism to make your weekends more memorable. This area is called Unite by Day, Unite by Night.’
Previous Quote
TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD.
Bonus Quote
‘Develop confidence in your purpose and your trust will grow. Have faith in your existence and you shall live on for eternity. Devote your time in prayer and communication every day and you shall become a sage in the making.’
We unite in many ways but lack the bond to sustain our unity. Marriage is a typical example of such a unity and it is said that GOD’s plan for marriage is one man for one woman for a lifetime. This is a permanent bond, affixed for life and transported into the realms of eternity. However we have changed this over time to more seductive ways that weakens GOD’s plan. We added adultery, fornication, masturbation, divorce, abuse and money into the bond and weakened it like water to sugar or salt. Friendship is a form of unity but friendship can fall apart like a loose tile on a bathroom wall. The severity of the broken friendship will depend on how hard the tile falls. Friendship is so important in life that without friendship there will be constant hardship. We unite as team members as well to build productive working relationships and tor raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness. Disassociation in team building creates weaknesses in overall production which may not be seen immediately but shows a deficit annually. Unity is in all facets of life. There is unity at school, in the playground, in prisons, at work, at home, at gatherings, at events and at meetings. There is also disarray at school, in the playground, in prisons, at work, at home, at gatherings, at events and at meetings. What do you want in life day in and day out? Do you want harmony or discord? Do you want agreement or disagreement? Dear Friends, today I want you to make a firm pledge. Today we shall create a personal manifesto to unite with strength and throw away resentment, bitterness and struggle that haunts us 24/7. I want you to unite by day and to unite by night. This area of specialism is going to enrich you, increase your lifespan and make you a worthy citizen of The Universe. This weekend shall become a historic weekend for you because you will create a personal manifesto stronger than goal setting and that is to live in Unity. Your Manifesto shall read as follows:
I, the undersigned hereby commits on this day, dated the 4th of July 2015 to live in Unity in all facets of my life. To start my pledge I shall always carry my TAG with me daily for the rest of my life. I shall start my day in prayer and end it sincerely in gratitude. The sandwich of my day will be immersed in good daily deeds to show by example rather than seek gratitude for my efforts. I shall let bygones be bygones and fill my life with harmony despite any pain that I have endured or encountered in the past. I shall throw away any traces of anger and resentment and live a life that is calm, peaceful and composed. I shall exist with a purpose and shall put a firm effort into my daily agenda. I shall overcome any obstacles that come my way. I shall develop confidence in my purpose and will ensure that my trust in all grows. I shall have faith in my existence and strive to live on for eternity. I shall devote my time in prayer and communication every day, seeking to resolve and speaking to absolve.

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