Tuesday 28 July 2015

How to become Healthy

How to become Healthy
Quote of the day
‘The Science of being healthy or as the saying goes, in fine fettle requires a simple thought process that instils a seed of passion and desire in your heart. Passion and desire is potential energy. The next stage is a bit harder as you need to unleash this potential energy into kinetic energy.’
Knowing what you need in life plays a pivotal role in how you go about getting it. A need is a precise valuation of your personal requisites in life. Always remember a critical law to success and that is:
‘A need is always achieved when you plant a seed of passion and desire in the base of your heart.’
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you must remember that passion and desire is potential energy and as you build up on your potential energy you turn it from potential energy into kinetic energy. Let me tell you a little bit about potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential energy is energy that you have by the transient positional state of your thoughts. Let us examine this closely. You suddenly wanted a glass of water. This is your transient thought process initiating the start of potential energy. You don’t have the glass of water as yet and your passion and desire in the form of thirst augments this potential energy. You will only be able to have the glass of water if you turned your potential energy into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy that you expend when you are in motion, in other words you get up and physically go to the tap and pour yourself a glass of water. Likewise when you want to become healthy you need to instil the seed pertinent to your need. To become healthy you would need to understand what healthy really means. A healthy individual is one that is and remains in good physical shape. They are hale and hearty to the core. They do not look at external features of themselves but look at internal features as well. To become healthy means you need to understand the anatomy of your body, externally and internally. A car driver generally leaves the internal configuration of his or her car to someone lese like a mechanic. A meritocratic Goal Setter of which you are takes care of their body both externally and internally. They will deploy professionals when necessary to assist such as a doctor, nurse or hairdresser. However the core to their real health comes from common-sense. Instilling the seed to healthiness comes from your thought process. Thought processes using your mind to envisage how you want to look. Your body parts always talk to you especially when something is wrong. These are acute signals that you cannot ignore. In The Databank Times we will have dedicated sections on Personal Health and Long term Wealth. Accumulated Potential Energy unleashes itself into Kinetic Energy enabling you to jog, partake in sport, have an athletic profile, workout regularly, keep fit, eat correctly and moderately, exercise according to your abilities and to live a healthy lifestyle. Everything starts from a simple thought process. The stronger your thought processes are the stronger are your passion and desire or your PPE. PPE is Personal Potential Energy.

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