Saturday, 28 March 2015

THE GTS FORMULA - Greet, Treat and be Sweet

Greet, Treat and be Sweet
Quote of the day
‘Wake up this fine morning and greet the person next to you with a joyful smile. Exercise a moment of ostentation and offer a fabulous treat with a little sweetness attached to the proposal. Now get up and do it and see what a difference it will make to your day.’

May I take this unique opportunity to wish you a sweet weekend because you are indeed lovable, charming and appealing? You are indeed lovable because GOD told me so. He told me that you are adorable for your constant admiration of life. He told me that you are attractive like the summer blossom. He told me that you are delightful in your mannerism and approach to a new day. He told me that you are extremely captivating in your daily prayer. I believe in our Heavenly Father for what He says is good enough for me. You are indeed lovable, charming and appealing. Today I want you to expand on these unequivocal qualities that you have and to bring out the radiance in you despite the dullness that maybe around you. As you awake I want you to greet the first person that you see with incredible verbosity energised with vivacity. I want you to make them feel that you are part of them and they are indeed part of you. I want you to overwhelm them with a statement of impromptu and offer them a fabulous treat. I want this treat to be beyond your imagination and not limited to your circumstances. I want you to incite pleasure in the person that you greeted. I want you to delight them with the onset of a new weekend. I want you to indulge in a bath of blissfulness and to carry this momentum into the entire weekend. This is where your energy that we spoke about yesterday is needed so vitally. I want you to make your weekend as sweet as honey and as pure as the summer blossom. I want you to add a scent of niceness and a perfume of delightfulness. I want you to enjoy every second that passes you so that every action that you make will result in total satisfaction. I want you to realise that marching out of March 2015 is a trigger to accept April as a new month and a new beginning for a new adventure in a new time zone filled with expectancies and adversaries. Expectancies is what we live towards and adversaries is what we need to overcome. I want you to indulge in comfort from a hearty breakfast to a party of joy and happiness. It is something not impossible but certainly doable. It can be done if you try. It may rain but rain sheds all pain away. It may snow in the foothills of the Himalayas but snow is the plateau of pureness. There may be a gale or unwanted mail, I say onto you just sail the weekend like a sperm whale, so majestic and so unperturbed.  Don’t let setbacks make you spoil a weekend that has been designated for you and for your family. Don’t forget the GTS formula in every endeavour that you make. The GTS formula states that we need to Greet, Treat and be Sweet every day. Today I want you to give it a try.

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