Saturday 14 March 2015

A Period of Relaxation

‘A Period of Relaxation’
Quote of the day
‘A Reduction Process is a diminution of stress factors created by work, work, and work. An Induction Stimulation is an educational programme based on learning from your mistakes and overcoming your frustration. All of this is actually a period of relaxation at its best.’

Dear Friends, you cannot step out onto the cold of a Monday morning feeling dreadful over the possibilities of something going drastically wrong. If things were to go drastically wrong then there will be chaos the world over, let alone The Universe. Can you imagine what would happen if The Sun suddenly flared violently emitting colossal amounts of radiation towards us? Can you imagine the chaos if our tectonic plates started to move notably? Can you imagine what would happen if there was a water shortage worldwide?  Life is meant to be enjoyed day in and day out. Do you remember the good old days when we flourished at tertiary education, when we congregated at playgrounds, when we visited places of warmth and glory and when we chilled out on a summer evening under a BBQ dinner? Dear Friends you are here on planet Earth to enjoy your life, you are not here to be persecuted, oppressed and victimised. Monday should never be a Blue Monday, Monday should be a rainbow day variegated to suit your personal needs and polychromatic to enhance your spirit. To achieve this we need to chill out. We need to spend our weekends relaxed. We need to nestle in a sea of tranquillity and in a composure of cosiness. It is your weekend, you have no restrictions and no limitations. You are the purveyor of your thoughts and the surveyor of your actions. You need to divide your weekend into two sections. The first section is called The Reduction Process. The Reduction Process is a nomenclature of words that stressed you in the last week counteracted by words that shall spirit your soul for the new week. Think carefully of all the words that came hurtling towards you last week, so potent to hurt you and so vile to torment you. Write them down on a piece of paper. Some of the words could be anger, abuse, hostility, unfriendliness and victimisation. Now I want you to change these words to pacification, protection, friendship, kindness and love. These are just examples of words that hurt. I want you to recall the words or actions used against you last week and write them down on a piece of paper. Tomorrow in the second section I want you to follow up with The Induction Stimulation. The Induction Stimulation is to make you learn from the words that were propelled to you in an arrogant way and to find out why did they come hurtling towards you. What triggered someone to be angry with you? What triggered someone to be vile towards you? Are you the root cause of the problem or are you spending too much of your time in the wrong company. The Induction Stimulation helps you to learn from your mistakes and to expend future time slots into more profitable workloads. This is just a synopsis of the whole program of dealing with issues that afflicts you, The Modern Day Trilogy contains the entire blueprints to help you step by step in making your life more accomplished and fulfilled.

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