Monday, 23 March 2015

The Pureness of Water

The Pureness of Water
Quote of the day
‘Water is the commodity of life. It is priceless, it is flawless, it is righteous, it is niceness and it is greatness. With these majestic qualities of a priceless commodity surely it would be the most fruitful substance to mimic each day till the last day.’

Have you discovered the wonderfulness of freedom when you are at home alone or with the family? You are very much like a container of water bombarding the surroundings of your container but remaining the same. You are theoretically made up of water at least 60% anyway contained in a thick elasticated membrane called the skin. However when you leave home on a Monday morning you are no longer like water in a container, you become water thrown into the openness of your vocation. Like the anomalous behaviour of water with its sheer coalescent properties you encounter new substances both inanimate and animate. You become contaminated like water that mixes with soluble substances and changes its properties or tries to coalesce into water droplets at any given moment. Until the water returns to the same container it will never be the same. Until you return home like the way you were in the morning you will never be the same. To be the same is to remain flawless, righteous, nice and great at all times despite the contamination that occurs when you leave home. Contamination changes the whole chemistry of water and contamination changes the entire chemistry of your plans for your future and for the future of your planet. Contamination leads to the pollution of water and contamination can lead to the corruption for you. Contamination can lead to the uncleanness for water and contamination can lead to the infection for you. Therefore I urge you to stick to your agenda despite the ramifications of encountering contamination when you leave home. The contagion of the other side of the coin is very damaging to one’s health and to the stability of one’s wealth. You have to maintain a steadfast approach to your agenda avoiding contamination at every perceivable moment in your daily routine. You must avoid the impurities of life tainted or masked with temptation. You must walk past the corridors of corruption even though the proposal may seem tangible. You need to rinse off the dirt that fills the crevices of your soles and your soul. You need to breathe in the goodness of life and exhale the badness of life. You need to shower your dreams with the freshness of water and immerse your spirit in a fountain of joy and happiness. Be like water Dear Friends, pure to the core and vital for the concept of life in The Universe.

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