Wednesday 18 March 2015

Equal Responsibilities

‘Equal Responsibilities’
Quote of the day
‘We are responsible for our actions and for our daily tasks. We created it now we need to show the Captain of our vessel that we are indeed reliable, dependable and trustworthy.’

To be reliable, dependable and trustworthy is not an easy task. Many an individual always takes things for granted. Instead of placing emphasis on they own agenda for the day they place emphasis on other people and how they may help. We are adults trained in the faculty of our own choice. Sometimes we may be forced into a choice but nevertheless it is a choice and the sole motto of any choice is: ‘Get up, go to work and do your job to the best of your ability and return home, safely, sound and fecund.’ The ship of our destination will always sail despite any form of turbulence ahead of it. We are not responsible for the maintenance of the ship, for the running of the ship nor for sailing of it. To draw an analogy we are occupants of planet Earth destined to perform a task based on our choice. However we are not responsible for the orbital path of the Earth, the movement of other planets and for the activity of The Sun. As long as the Sun rises and sets we need to get on with the job. To exercise a professional etiquette in all that we do we need to be reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Perhaps you are a baker or a mortician. It is was your choice and if the choice was wrong you are at liberty to change this vocation or any vocation at any time. This the unique advantage of a lifespan of 100 years. To maintain your own stability during your journey reliability, dependability and trustworthiness is an absolute necessity. Reliability is about ones consistency in ones affairs. Consistency ensures that you maintain uniformity in your attitude, punctuality and productivity. A dependable individual is always loyal to others and more importantly to themselves. They are always sound in mind and staunch in action. You can tell them a mile away. Trustworthiness ensures honesty is plain and simple. You always have your cards on the table and not against your chest. You conform to standards, you perform ethically, you inform intelligently and you transform complexity into simplicity. These are your responsibilities day in and day out. Do these things diligently and your ship will sail without any hiccups. You will reach your destination without fail but with a success story to tell. The Press will await your arrival and you will tell them or they will already know that a responsible passenger has landed at the port of protocol and is ready to start the next yearly journey of 365 days with similar levels of responsibilities but an increased capacity of maturity. Always remember that Equality is for all and that Equality is only possible if we exercise equal responsibilities. 

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