Thursday, 5 March 2015

Love GOD

‘Love GOD’

Quote of the day
‘Do you love GOD as much as GOD loves you? Do you start your day with a prayer and end it with gratitude? Do you believe in GOD?’

We often confuse Science with GOD. Some believe in Science and others do not believe in GOD. Science has shifted our level of thinking away from Theology and today we depend purely on Technology. We have become blinded with knowledge and deafened with logic over the last 100 years. Dear Friends, I want to tell you that confusion will always lead to delusion and occlusion. You cannot start your day knowing that you are here to serve man rather than GOD, already you have taken a vital chunk out of your success equation. Success is about living. Living is about serving. We cannot serve GOD and serve Man at the same time. In other words we cannot serve two Masters. Man is equal from down under to above the equator. For those of you who read The Modern Day Trilogy you will know already that GOD does exist. Today’s article is not about proving whether GOD does exist or not. Today’s article is about loving Almighty GOD as much as He loves you. It is about reminding you to start your day in prayer and end it solemnly in gratitude. It is about believing in you and in Almighty GOD. It is about thinking about your life and the purpose of it. It is about exercising your role on Earth altruistically. I say onto you and verily too Love thy Heavenly Father with all your heart and with all your strength. Love is vibrant and divine energy that links the heavens above to us below. Love is about adoration for our Heavenly Father for giving us wealth in knowledge and health in fortification. Exercise your love sincerely and you shall inherit the Earth. Demonstrate your love for Almighty GOD and you shall become a prince or a princess. Don’t remove a chunk from the equation to your success, just eliminate doubt whenever you allow it to enter your life. Doubt breaks homes, towns, countries and continents. Doubt makes you hesitate, suspicious and sceptical.

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